In a vase in Monday – Simplicity

We arrived back at about 7 pm last evening to find the garden had moved on again.  Tulips that had been in the ground for some years were flowering; the Anemone coronaria are mostly finished, and the Dutch Iris were all open and demanding to be picked!

As we have family staying with us there was only time this morning to pick the Iris and plonk them in a vase before we go out to see the peony farm which should be in full flower.

In a vase on Monday 10th April

Dutch Iris Sapphire Beauty (I think)

With thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme which encourages us to find something in our garden to enjoy in our homes.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Tuesday view and later in the week with more images of the wonderful wild flowers around the ancient city of Matera.

30 thoughts on “In a vase in Monday – Simplicity

  1. Isn’t it amazing how fast the garden changes in just a few days at this time of year. It never ceases to amaze me! There’s such elegance about these Dutch irises – I always admire them and wonder why I don’t have any! Time to change that 🙂 Have a nice week!

  2. Now that is a really usefully shaped vase, and would have done the job better than a drinking glass for my Harlequin bunch! The smaller flowered iris always look so elegant, don’t they? Thanks for sharing, and hope you enjoyed the rambles around your own garden on your return 😉

  3. How I wish I had the ample supply of Dutch Iris you do, Christina! I hope you’ll show your photo out-takes from the peony farm visit later too. I’m surprised to learn they bloom this early in the year.

  4. Christina the Dutch Iris are very beautiful on their own: they do not need anything else. Irises are one of my favorite flowers. Your garden just blooms, that’s beautiful, I’m glad. I wish you a great time on your trip to the peonies farm. Have a happy week Greetings from Margarita.

  5. Those Dutch iris are stunning – I must make sure to plant some this year. Enjoy the peony farm and I hope you post some photos. We will make it over in time one year but right now April always seems to be busy. harry has just arrived back from Canada – lovely to see him after 3 months & like the garden he has changed so much after his 3 months away. Next week we are flying to Dubai to visit our eldest Rebecca who is working there until the end of August. I have never been before & think it will be a love it or hate it place – either way I will be glad to spend time with Rebecca. xx

  6. Peony farm? I look forward to seeing pictures of that. I love these Dutch irises, they are perfect for picking. I can’ t think why I don’ t have any in this garden, I always used to grow them.

  7. Plonked? That’s as maybe but those markings are exquisite and anything else in the vase would have detracted the eye. Isn’t it wonderful to see the garden after a few days away, such an exciting time is Spring.

    • I agree that irises really don’t need any other flower or foliage with them Doris; sadly today they will be thrown away as they are well past their best. I’m struggling to make up for the time we were away, I’d never choose to go away at this time but I didn’t.

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