Tuesday View – 11th April

A very quick post to share the Tuesday view.

I’m rushing to catch up with everything that needs to be done in the garden after our week away in the south of Italy.

Tuesday View 11th April 2017

It has all grown a lot in a week.

Lupins that seed into the garden from the countryside and a lavender that flowers for much of the year

Tulip Mount Tacoma under the cork oak

Do check in with Cathy at Words and Herbs to see other views.

28 thoughts on “Tuesday View – 11th April

  1. My goodness, it has grown! Did it rain while you were away? Looks lovely Christina. You must be so pleased to see evrything looking so healthy. It has been very warm here (until today) I have had to mow our small lawn twice in the past ten days!

  2. Christina how everything has grown and how pretty it is full of flowers. Like that Lavender that flowers last all year: it’s a wonder, I love it in the smell of Lavender flowers and their color. The White Tacoma Tulips are beautiful. Beautiful as your garden. Greetings from Margarita.

  3. I love your garden – it’s a beautiful combination of close planting – but not too crowded – with single plants or small groups (tulips etc) that create such impact. Plus you have so many shades of grey and green; green is the colour of the Anahata or heart Chakra, and I feel your garden really touches the heart.

  4. Thank goodness others were able to identify your lupins Christina! I just peered and peered. It looks absolutely wonderful – the lupins a great natural accident. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. Yes, that’s a noticeable difference – isn’t it exciting? Here, we have had the odd VERY short shower in the last couple of days but it all helps as it refreshes what has been a relatively dry spring so far

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