The Peony Farm 2017 – Centro Botanico Moutan

This week has been hectic, trying to catch up from our week away at this vital time in the garden.  I haven’t manages to comment on as many posts as I would have liked, nor caught up with reading many from last week – sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging!!!!

As promised earlier in the week here are some images of the Peony farm which is about 20 minutes drive from where we live.

If you would like to read more about the history of the farm and the reasons why it was created here is their site in English.  To summarise, it has the largest collection of peonies in one place in the world.  It covers 15 hectares and there are 200,000 plants of more than 600 varieties.

Here are just a view images to try to give you an idea of the experience of visiting.  For anyone who loves peonies it is a MUST VISIT place.

With one of the wisteria pergolas 

Sorry there are no names for my images, if you would like to know more please refer to the website, linked above.

Interestingly there were very few bees on the peonies; had they been sprayed with something I wonder

Another long wisteria covered pergola, these are Wisteria floribunda and so the blooms were still quite tightly closed in comparison to my sinensis which was fully open last Monday and is now covered with foliage. 

A view of the hillside.  It is difficult to capture the extent of the plant ing.

I think last year’s views were better as more of the flowers were open, you can see the post here  and 2014’s visit here

In the sales area cut peonies in lovely zinc vases were on display.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter.


39 thoughts on “The Peony Farm 2017 – Centro Botanico Moutan

    • They are such a fleeting pleasure though so as I can visit the farm, I’m not really tempted to have any in the garden; I did have one, but it didn’t flourish.

  1. Two hundred thousand peonies – I can’t even conceive of that. They obviously flourish there – what’s the climate like at the farm’s location?

    Happy Easter, Christina!

  2. What a truly wonderful place, Christina – I envy you your proximity so that you can visit whenever you want. I don’t think I would be bothered about having no peonies either if I lived so close. Have a very happy Easter!

  3. Christina her photos and the peonies are wonderful as well. 200,000 different specimens: a magnificent place to get lost. I remember last year’s post, as good as this year’s. Thanks for leaving the direct link to the Peony Farm. Happy Easter. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. What a dreamy place to visit. So glad you can enjoy this awesomeness! That wisteria is pretty amazing as well. Hope to walk those paths with you there someday!

  5. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like, visiting a place so full of peonies – or any single species for that matter! Is it only open during flowering time? The mass of wisteria must have been good to see too

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