In a vase on Easter Monday – Jewel colours and some froth

A very Happy Easter Monday, I hope you have been able to enjoy the long weekend, either in your garden or with family and friends.  As it is a special weekend, my flowers today were prepared on Saturday.

I used the same large bowl as I did for my husband’s birthday a couple of weeks ago.  The bowl is half  white and half dark brown so this time the dark side faces the front.

The garden has changed so much in the last two weeks; the bearded irises are all in bud with some varieties already opening their blooms but I didn’t pick any of those today.

In a vase on Easter Monday

Larkspur, Cerinthe major. the last of the Dutch iris and stock

The Larkspur are a mix of the self seeded ones that survived the winter outside and those I potted up last autumn because I didn’t believe they would survive the winter! (now unlikely to be planted out as there are enough in the ground.

A few Allium from the old central borders are appearing

Last year’s Antirrhinums have all put up new flowering spikes

Antirrhinum also seem to flower better for me in their second year in the ground although I am a bit disappointed that they don’t seem to flower along their entire stem so I may not grow them again.

Ami majus (the froth in the arrangement) and T. Double Dazzle

The Ami majus was sown last autumn (but not early enough to be planted out before winter)  They are struggling in their pots and I’ll probably just add them to the compost as I have new (not over grown) plants waiting to be planted.

Rich jewel colours that speak of summer rather than the delicate colours of spring

Do visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden our host for this enjoyable meme.

The tulips I planted on 16th March in a pot (after they had been chilled since last September) didn’t do well.  One flowered 10 days ago, several grew with very stunted buds that didn’t open and the rest didn’t grow at all.  From this I deduce that it isn’t possible to have tulips all year – a good thing as the pleasure of anticipation is not be to underestimated.  I have had tulips in the house or in the garden since the end of January, most are over now with just a few that may carry on for a few more days – but now it is time for the bearded irises!

34 thoughts on “In a vase on Easter Monday – Jewel colours and some froth

  1. What joy to have too much Larkspur – I can only dream. A lovely vase, Christina, as you say the colours and flowers are reminder that summer’s around the corner.

    • I find it rather scary that spring is over! Summer is so hot here and lacking in flowers. The cold winter seems to have speeded up the flowering time of many plants.

      • It’s the same here. But fortunately we have had some cold nice and days a bit cooler this year, so it has drawn our spring out just a teensy bit!

  2. I love the combination of larkspur and antirrhimums and cerinthe – the colours complement each other beautifully and are definitely jewel colours. And to have such an abundance of relatively large blooms for your vase is so exciting – I was looking at a ‘vase’ of this size recycled from a gifted orchid and wondering when I would have enough of the right sort of blooms to fill it, but it’s definitely not yet! Will you keep your antirrhinums again after this year, or scrap them? I am pleased that some of my Twinny antirrhinums have survived the winter as I was not able to get seed in single colours last autumn. It has been interesting to read about your tulip experiment over the months – will you do a summary of your findings in due course? Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend.

    • I’ll see how the Antirrhinums proceed, if they keep flowering well they can stay otherwise there are other plants vying for a place. Yes I’ll review the tulips for this year and what I’ve learnt.

  3. Those deep jewel colors are wonderful, Christina! I’m surprised to hear that snapdragons can bloom a second year but then they never even last a full season in my garden – they’re a magnet for rust here. Happy Easter!

    • Happy Easter to you too Kris; The snapdragons always seem to be better in their second year for me but when these have finished I’m not sure i’m going to plant any more.

  4. Everything in it’s season Christina! The anticipation of things to come is half the joy. To have had tulips since January is a huge acheivement. My garden abounds with them just now, they are at their peak. Wonderful jewel colours in your vase, the larkspur is stunning.

    • Thanks Alison, I have really enjoyed having tulips for such a long time, they are one of my favourite flowers. Having them in the house and then in the garden is very special.

  5. Christina magnificent vase full of wonderful flowers. What a beautiful way to distribute so many beautiful flowers, I love it. The Larkspur is beautiful as the Gentleman’s Spur, the Antirrhinums and the last Dutch Tulip. I do not go on listing because all the flowers I like a lot, and the color is divine. Thank you for making my day with your beautiful vase. Happy Easter Christina. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. The larkspur and antirrhinums stand out well in this wonderful collection of blooms, but the irises are the crowning glory – irises in April! Interesting to hear about your tulip experiments too.

  7. Magnificent and rather gravity-defying! I have to say my antirrhinums also did not flower along the full stem the second year running, and I seem to recall pulling them all out in disgust! But yours look a lot less stumpy than mine did. Sad your tulips are over for another year, but those dutch irises are gorgeous (I’m eagerly awaiting mine) and you always have some wonderful bearded irises to show us too so I’ll look forward to those.

  8. That’s a lovely vase – and great colour combinations but then I love purples and crimsons. I always like seeing your flowers as they flower so far ahead of the plants here in the NW
    I’ve got tulips and tete a tetes in mine 🙂 it’s been a soggy cold Spring in Manchester.
    love bec xx

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