Tuesday View – 18th April 2017

With the explosion of growth happening in the garden at the moment it would almost be worth showing the Tuesday View, hosted by Cathy at Words and Herbs every day rather than once a week!

Tuesday View 18th April 2017

Let’s zoom in to see the plants that make up the view today.

Eschscholzia californica is now adding the bright dots of colour previously supplied by tulips in the Large Island

Eschscholzia californica

The Above Californian Poppies have fringed edges and duel colours making them even more like tulips!

Dianthus add some perfume to the scene

Zooming in to see the tiny pink flowers of Cistus

Phlomis, now in full flower all around the garden, this one in the Large Island is one of the largest and produces far, far too many seedlings each year

Iris Jane Phillips with wild lupins

Standing in the same spot as for the Tuesday view but twisting just a fraction to the left the other side of the Large Island comes into view

Small flowered white Cistus

Dark Cotinus foliage is usually later into leaf

Elegantly tall Irises

Every time I walk around the garden I find a new Iris has opened its buds.  At this rate all the flowers with be over by mid-May!


49 thoughts on “Tuesday View – 18th April 2017

  1. The view is really filling out Christina! So many shades of green, and aren’t those poppies a lovely colour. I also love the shape of the buds. I had Californian poppies in my last garden, coming up year after year, but have never been able to get them established here. I think the local slugs like them. 😉 The Phlomis makes a nice background and the foliage is a lovely colour too. Enjoy your irises, and I hope the cold snap isn’t too harsh for you!

  2. Goodness, the rate of growth in your garden at this time of year is incredible, Christina. Enjoy your perfectly elegant tall iris, they look fabulous both in bud and coming into flower, plus their lance shaped leaves are so structurally pleasing.

  3. Christina the garden is magnificent and has grown a lot. I love the Cypress surrounded by Romero. The flowers of Eschscholzia californica look like beautiful tulips! I did not know her. The small flowers of the Cistus are lovely. The high Irises of the last photo I love: I adore the Iris. All the photos are beautiful. All the plants are very pretty: it is a wonderful garden. Have a good week. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. Hope the crazy weather releases its grip soon and doesn’t cause damage. Those poppies are amazing. I didn’t remember them looking like tulips. Your irises look great. Mine are blooming rather quickly too–racing though spring all too fast.

  5. The constant change in the garden is what makes spring exciting, at least to the observant gardener. I was surprised to learn that your Phlomis self-seeds freely – I’ve never seen any sign of that here. My ‘White Linen’ California poppies are still abundant, although on the decline I think, but I’ve yet to see a single orange poppy make an appearance.

  6. Great views! i especially like the Eschscholzia californica. Its color is a great complement to the cooler grays and greens..

  7. Beautiful to see all the forms working so elegantly together. I love the iris with their wild lupin companions, And the poppies’ touch of brightness. Heartwarming on a cold day here.

    • Yes, things change from almost minute to minute; its very exciting but a bit worrying as when summer arrives there is a distinct lack of colour in the garden, just bleached out beige!

  8. Your Californian poppies have much denser foliage than those I grow from seed – do you think it is the different growing conditions or are there different types? I am beginning to see what you mean about the iris!

    • There was quite a heavy frost here too Cathy; The tomatoes I planted out last week are under fleece but even if they don’t die they will stop growing for a week or so I think, the rest are still in the greenhouse but the temperature in there also fell to 1.6°C. What is happening to the weather? (I know really it is climate change, but it is still hard to accept such a cold end to April.

      • Just talking to my husband about the weather patterns – so cold here at night, but he says that he sees an S shape over Europe (if you can understand that!) – so you and Cathy in Germany have the worst and we are just on the edge in one of the slightly beneficial areas. Keep yourself and plants warm!

          • I am so slow to respond, Christina. Keep warm … we still have our woodburner on at nights, because it’s so cold. Stays in until the morning. I have a rule that the heating goes off at the beginning of April. Brrr this year!

  9. I hope the weather eases its grip very soon. As you say, we always hope Spring will be Spring but I guess must accept that upheaval is normal. I love the Californian poppy. Such a beauty.

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