Tuesday View – 25th April 2017

Today is a public holiday in Italy; an Italian friend described it as the day the Italians celebrate losing the war.  What ever it is for today is sunny with the wind coming from the south so not as cold as it has been.  Many have gone to the sea, not to swim but to enjoy the beach and have a good meal in a restaurant.

Tuesday is the day when Cathy at Words and Herbs asks us to share one view of our garden so that we can see its progress through the seasons.

Tuesday View 25th April 2017

Tuesday View 25th April 2017, moving forward a little to stand by the large Cyprus at the edge of the terrace

Zooming in further

The other side of the Large Island

Iris ‘Immortality’

Large Island

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk strain

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk strain

Iris ‘Rustic Jewel’

Do visit Cathy to see her view this week and others who regularly join, thanks for hosting Cathy.

31 thoughts on “Tuesday View – 25th April 2017

  1. I know I am in a different part of the world when I see the grays in your garden and those Cyprus trees. I love those trees and there is really nothing quite like them that I can grow. They make such a statement in your beautiful garden.

    • Look for the Thai silk selection or there is a creamy white. Not it isn’t a bee Amelia it is a chaffer bug, or pollen beetle, they destroy many of my flowers by eating the pollen.

  2. Christina’s garden grows for weeks and every day is more beautiful. I love the Cypress with the Rosemary. The Iris are all very nice: I love them. The Iris “Rustic Jewel” has a color and a wonderful striped color gradient: I had never seen it. The flower of Eschscholzia “Silk Thai” has a pale pink color as delicate as silk. The photos are magnificent. I hope you have a good holiday and a good week. Greetings from Margarita.

  3. The new growth everywhere has softened the effect of the view now, especially with the grasses and silvery foliage, and as it fills out it looks so lovely. The irises and poppies are beautiful – Rustic Jewel and the Thai silk poppies go perfectly with each other.

    • It is amazing how quickly the view softens and shapes merge and change in relation to each other. I’m trying to eliminate the orange poppies from this area and just have the delicate shades of the Thai Silk.

    • It hasn’t rained for at least three weeks (it’s supposed to be wet all day tomorrow) so it isn’t well watered but the large Island is planted with drought tolerant plants so they are fine.

    • It’s not all that warm here Linda; I particularly like the view along the path where the blue Irises are, especially at this time, so I had to include it even though it isn’t part of the usual ‘view’.

  4. I love the combination of the golden CA poppies with the white Iris. Also those ‘Thai Silk’ CA poppies are wonderful. CA poppies seem very happy in your garden. They struggle a bit in mine – too much moisture, I suspect.

  5. That patch of blue iris is especially striking, Christina – and thanks for the close ups of the Tai Silk C poppies. They are certainly very different from the more ordinary ones. I have been finding a few self seeded C poppies here – but always in cracks in the path and not in any of the beds!

  6. Those californian poppies are superb – I am so jealous! I have a bit of trouble with self-seeders. Lovely view Christina – superb grey/green plantings and the irises are heavenly

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your garden looking as lush. I’m sure the coming heat will have an effect but it’s amazing how the newer plantings have grown in so well. It really seems to enclose you as you walk through and must be a very relaxing space now.
    I can’t even picture the box and perovskia anymore. Also a wonderful space, but so different.

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