View from my kitchen window

Like any other gardener, when I am inside the house I am often looking out of the windows at the garden; indeed some of the vistas are designed to be seen and enjoyed from the windows.

The wisteria on the pergola above the terrace is now full of foliage, the terrace at the front of the house is now in dappled shade and it won’t be long until it is in deep shade.

Rosa Rimosa climbing up one of the pillars that support the pergola

Beyond the rose I can see the left hand border with Dianthus, Bearded Irises and at the end of the garden the Mulberry tree.

What can you see from your window; do you plan your garden so that you have good views from the house?  Enjoy the weekend.

52 thoughts on “View from my kitchen window

  1. I did plan my garden for views from indoors…right now it is daffs still everywhere…early in spring but soon more will be popping up or blooming.

  2. Christina has beautiful, flowered views from her kitchen window. I love Rosa Rimosa with those beautiful yellow flowers. And the Bearded Irises really like me. From my bedroom I see in the first place a great mass of canine Rosa. To the right Honeysuckle Japonica and then Ivy. On the floor there was Lavandas but a kind of mouse that now can not remember its name ate all the roots and left me without plants in the main parterre. I only have one Aquilegia. In the background I see a yellow Rosal and the field to the horizon. And I hear from before dawn a lot of birds singing and chirping that I love. Sorry for spreading me so much. Have a nice weekend. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Don’t apologise Margarita, I love hearing about your view. Maybe the animal was a mole that made tunnels under your plants; they don’t eat roots but rats and mice and voles use the tunnels and they eat the roots. Sometimes just because the roots have been disturbed the plant dies it has happened to several trees on my boundary.

      • Christina just remembered. Campaigners enjoyed a banquet. Look for the entrances of their burrows and on a couple of occasions I saw them. In a book I have with photos of Campañoles I compared them and they were without a doubt. Luckily they left and left the rest of the garden safe. Now I will plant the main parterre again. Thank you very much for your kindness. Greetings from Margarita.

  3. Beautiful garden! I don’t have a window in my kitchen but from the kitchen you can see the living room balcony. Not a view quite like this✨

  4. What a great, sunshiney rose to see from the kitchen, Christina! Is it repeat flowering? One of my great regrets is that I can’t actually see the garden from any window of my house. It all lies below. I have to step out onto our living room balcony and look down – it was for that reason that I started to create our knot garden, with the tulips now, to cheer us in winter. But, from the living room itself, we do have a glorious natural view across to the woodland on the other side of the valley. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. That is a view to envy. I live in a converted Victorian house with the bathroom at the back, so no view of the back garden. My kitchen window looks out on to my side patio but sadly it’s restricted view. Your post however has given me an idea for my next blog post if you don’t mind me pinching your idea.

  6. This came into my phone and I shrieked thinking I must have clicked post on my blog on the same subject. My horror was that I had yet to do a spell check so feared the world would see my poor grammar. I’ll post it and link to yours.

  7. The pergola really seems to cool your view with its shade compared to the bright sun of the garden. I wish my view went out into the garden, but unfortunately for most of the year it looks out upon a barren deck and the garden feels so far off and lower down.

  8. Such a beautiful view! Usually I can see the back end of our car from the kitchen window. This is often ameliorated by the antics of the birds around the carport, however, I rate a view of the garden from the windows very highly. Perhaps this explains my reluctance to spend much time in the kitchen. Amelia

  9. I can appreciate the garden from every window of the house and love it most when I’m in the conservatory as one has the impression of being right among the plants. Thunderstorm roaring out there at present, hope we won’t get hail…

  10. What a lovely view! I look out of my living room picture window at the new Tuesday view (from a sligthly different angle) and there are two birdbaths there – the birds are practically queuing up to use them! It is a wonderful view when the acer turns red in autumn too. My kitchen looks up into the woods, and is lovely when the blackthorn flowers, but now that everything is leafing out I can’t see much except green! 🙂

  11. The rose is lovely. Did it bloom while wisteria was flowering as well? One thing I love about my home is a ready view of the garden from upstairs master bedroom as well as from the living room and breakfast table on the lower floor. Love looking down on the garden.

  12. I am working on that. Ours is mostly green. First priority is to hedge closed the gaps along the boundary. I enjoy that illusion of looking out onto an unfolding wave of green – instead of next door’s washing or garden shed ;~)

  13. I imagine that with a view like that from your kitchen window Christina it can’t be a hardship to tackle domestic chores. Our kitchen window overlooks an uncultivated patch of land (not belonging to us) which has a small stream running through it. There is a willow and an elderflower in the foreground which when in leaf obscure the nearby busy road. Sadly the other window views are not as soothing as they used to be when we first came here.

  14. Through my kitchen window, I can see a weeping crab apple in pale pink blossom, below it 4 box trees in pots. Hornbeam hedges enclose the space. Very formal, green and restful. I love those yellow roses. ,

  15. Oh it is so interesting to see that this is the view from your kitchen window, Christina – when you read about the lack of view that others have it makes you realise how lucky we are if we have a view of our garden. My kitchen windows look out onto the paved area with the sitooterie, as you know, framed by the adjacent areas and the trees beyond

    • Yes, you’re right; in Italy many homes don’t have views of their garden from the windows, in fact many houses don’t even seem to have a good connection from inside to out.

  16. Such a very fine view and excellent points that are well worth considering when making a garden. Like you, I think of windows framing a series of seasonal pictures of the garden. The reverse images of reflections in the glazing can be fun too! Your beautiful mulberry tree makes a wonderful focal point ….

  17. Is it possible to come and visit your garden? It looks beautiful 🙂 my husband and me love visit gardens !

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