Tuesday View 2nd May 2017

Today it has been really pleasantly warm, even a slight breeze was welcome. There is even more Irises in my view today and many others around the garden; I think they deserve a post all to themselves later in the week, but for today I’m linking with Cathy at Words and Herbs where many of us choose to share one view of our gardens each week.  Why not join us, just link to Cathy’s post so we can all find you.

Tuesday view 2nd May 2017

The Cotinus is at last making the kind of statement I’ve been wanting since I planted it years ago.

The clump of Iris Rustic Jewel is enlarging in a pleasing way

Looking to the left of my usual view

I love this combination of silvery foliage contrasting with the deep maroon of Sedum and Cotinus

Iris Immortality, Stipa tenuissima sows itself pleasingly all around the garden and I leave it where it is doing what I want

This is a new Iris this year, I need to check on its name

Have a great week.

33 thoughts on “Tuesday View 2nd May 2017

  1. Christina the Cypress surrounded by Romero and opposite the Iris “Rustic Jewel” with the Cistus is a magical sight. The Stipa with the Iris is a great contrast. The garden is beautiful and very grown up. I’m glad you have good weather but not so hot. Happy week. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. I like Rustic Jewel near the Cotinus, and the white iris in the background of your first photo really draws the eye along the path. Good planning! 🙂

  3. I always feel the same when I look at your borders, Christina – very masterful and speaking of the place where you garden. Just the right combo, in my eyes! Rustic Jewel is truly a gem, isn’t it? Maybe some day I can get the Stipa to self-sow as well. The soil at the bottom of the garden is lighter and I’m wondering if maybe the greys and the Stipa might not be just a dream down there.

    • Thank you; it is what I try to do. Both the Stipa and of course the grey/silver plants both love very light free draining soil with as much sun as they can get. I see your garden as more rich tones of green.

  4. Beautiful garden, I hope the flowers did not suffer too much in the sudden frost that damaged the vines.

  5. Beautiful, Christina! I hope my Cotinus looks that half that good in several years time. As always, I admire the Iris. In noticed yesterday that one of my bearded Iris finally has a bud – my fingers are crossed this is the start of something.

    • I do hope your bearded Irises do grow well for you; some of mine have taken a couple of years before they’ve flowered and remember they like their rhyzones near the surface and not covered with other plants; some of mine have sulked when this happens.

  6. Beautiful iris, they float like butterflies above the garden bed. I like the soft Stipa, it provides such nice contrast. Looks like there are quite a few flowers budding up!

    • To be honest Kate, it is difficult to find named varieties of shrubs or perennials for that matter in my local nurseries; so I think it was the basic C. coriggygria Royal Purple. It is upright but has been in the ground for about 10 years and for eight of those hardly seemed to grow at all. I’ve planted two more this last year and hope that they will grow more quickly.

    • It is always interesting to see how plants flower at different times in different climates or light levels. I’d say my Cotinus is early this year, it liked the cold winter, the Irises are at about the usual time.

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