In a Vase or 4 on Monday

I have know what I wanted to use for my contribution to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden‘s weekly challenge to find flowers from our own gardens to put in a vase to enjoy in our homes.

In fact every year at this time I bring our my silver vase and cut Philadelphus and Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ as they are the perfect combination; I carried on around the garden picking other flowers that I thought would work well together however when I began adding them all to the vase – it was a mess, so I took out all the extras replacing only the first flower from the White Campanular percifolia that I grew and planted out in the cut flower bed last year (I’ve just added a lot more plants as this years seedlings grew on much better so next year there should be quite a large patch to pick from) and a couple of the pale pink Antirrhinums.

In a vase on Monday

Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ and Philadelphus

Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ and pale pink Antirrhinum

Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’

I put together another couple of vases plus I already had a vase in the kitchen stuffed with Sweetpeas.

Dianthus barbatus, Dianthus garden pinks and Crimson Antirrhinum

Bearded Iris no ID (Raspberry Ripple) and pink Antirrhinums

Sweet Peas – what joy to have them

I must apologise for the quality of the images today; my husband has been using the camera for bird watching and I haven’t managed to reset all the controls properly; the truth is the camera is really too complicated for me and I don’t find it easy to set it as I would like.

Do visit Cathy our host to see her vase and others from around the globe, or better still go and pick something yourself and join us in the very addictive meme.

38 thoughts on “In a Vase or 4 on Monday

  1. No problems this time, Christina – it was suggesting there could be a firewall issue or that your site was too busy. Fine now, so that’s OK. You had a similar dilemma to me, picking more then realising things just didn’t work with your main subject. You clearly got it right as your first vase is beautiful – the pale pinks and whites work perfectly together as you know from previous years the silver vase is just right. Did you think any more about painting other vases silver? The bearded iris go very well with the pink antirrhinums too and isn’t it good to be picking sweet peas?! I had intended to include the first few blooms from mine for today, but forgot, so instead the 3 or 4 stems are now in a little pot on the kitchen table.

    • Strange about the problem reaching my post, who knows what happens in cyber space! The sweetpeas in the greenhouse are now producing quite well; and I am enjoying having them in a small vase in the kitchen, there have been some for the past couple of weeks. I may, after all, try them again next year but only if I can plant them in autumn as usually the greenhouse would already be much too hot for them, this year is so much colder than other years but we are having some pleasant days.

      • Thinking about it, I have had similar occasional problems accessing my own email account too – so it’s not just you. I am confident enough to start my sweet peas in autumn every year now, but any sown in early spring tend to more or less catch up. I think the WS ones would always be better sown in autumn because they flower so much earlier, at least here that is

        • Yes, I would have sown them in autumn but I didn’t get them until Christmas as they were a ‘win’ from Country Garden blog. If they would flower really early it would be lovely as I said in a normal year the greenhouse would be very hot now even with shading and the door open all the time.

          • Oh I thought you had bought some Winter Sunshine ones. I am guessing they would work much better for you as they respond better to lower light levels early in the year

            • Yes, they were Winter Sunshine, certainly they are growing well in the shaded greenhouse – I don’t take the shade netting off.

            • So if you sowed them earlier you might get a longer season from them? Do you think saved seed would come true to form?

  2. Your editing must have worked in that first vase–looks perfect now. Queen of Sweden is a sweet soft color. Nice to see the other blooms you’re enjoying currently as well. Have a good week Christina!

    • There are so many snapdragons at the moment I did think I should just fill a vase with those, as you did last week, but in the end I used only a couple of the colours so there may be another vase of them next week too. You have a great week to, Suzie.

  3. That rose is perfection, Christina, and I think you did right by it in relying on the equally beautiful Philadelphus as the primary accent. I can see you’re having the same problem I am with all your wonderful flowers demanding attention too!

  4. How lovely to have such abundance. You are always just ahead of us showing the joys to come. My philadelphus is covered in buds and I look forward to it so much. Having said that, my sweet peas are only about 3 inches so lots of anticipation to come there. The pink, white and silver are very pretty, a classic combination. I hope you get your camera sorted, they certainly are complicated.

    • Hi Alison, it is interesting which plants are a long way ahead and which only just and sometimes some plants are later here if they need long periods of cold before they flower. The Sweetpeas are the Winter Sunshine strain so have been bred to grow and flower in lower light levels; these were in the greenhouse.

  5. You are right the rose and philadelphus are a perfect combination and look wonderful in the silver vase- the essence of summer. You have so many beautiful flowers to pick. And sweet peas too. I sowed mine in autumn but they are not ready to flower yet.

  6. Lovely vases Christina! Someone recently called you the queen of the tulips on her blog (was it Chloris?), but to me you will always be the queen of antirrhinums and irises! Where do you get your antirr. seed from? You converted me to them and I tried last year, but it’s not always easy getting single colour seed. This year I have only tried dark purple and white (still in seed pots!) and am already regretting when I look at your dreamy pink. As for Queen of Sweden in that silver vase … ! She’s a lovely rose and the vase is a perfect choice. Not surprised it’s become one of your traditions.

    • It’s funny that you think me the Queen of Antirrhinums as I’m not sure how much I like them. They seem to be biennials here rather than the annuals I expected I suppose they might even be perennials but the plants already have rust on most of the leaves so I’ll probably pull them out when I’ve picked all the flowers. As to the seed, the Giant White and Crimson were single colours from Sarah Raven, the mixed colours came from a mixed packet of seed purchased in Lidl in 2015 for the princely sum of 29 centesimi! They showed no concern with the very cold winter temperatures this year so if I do grow them again I will certainly plan that they flower in their second year, although the White and Crimson did flower quite well last year after being sown in the previous autumn and spending their winter in the greenhouse.

      • Isn’t that funny! I’ve always hated them (bedding plants … urghh) and then I saw them in your vases and they were so luscious (almost as much as Brompton Stocks). I particularly dislike the yellow ones (not the pale yellow/creamy) and they always seem to dominate in mixes, so I’ve avoided the mix – although I’ve seen them in Lidl too. I will try. My seed this year has come from Sarah Raven, and it is exactly the two colours you describe (although the red is called ‘Black Prince’ – but you are right, it’s crimson). Maybe I should try leaving them in the ground, although it would be much too cold here, I expect.

  7. I love your philadelphus arrangement, the perfume must be amazing. A late frost here has burned many new shoots, but the scent of the lilac-sheltered in a hedge- is wonderful.

    • I lost a lot of Cistus buds to the frost here! Plus all the Dahlias turned black but they have come back so all is well. Just think of all the poor grape and wine producers who have lost up to 70% of their crop this year.

  8. Christina that preciousness of vases: abundant beautiful flowers. The first with the silver vase is really beautiful. Queen of Sweden with its unique color that nicely matches the pale pink Antirrhinums and the Philadelphus. Magnificent. I love the vase of bearded Iris with Antirrhinums all in pink. Smell Peas I really like. Today has beaten a record of beautiful flowers. Have a happy week. Greetings from Margarita.

      • Yes Christina has been hot in Madrid but today the temperatures have dropped and they will be like this for a few days. It may even rain. It’s very kind of Christina I wish her a good week too and I’m glad she also refreshed and even rained for her area. Greetings from Margarita.

  9. Absolutely stunning! I love the combination of the roses and philadelphus- the perfume must be amazing!

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