Tuesday View 9th May 2017

Tuesday is the day to join Cathy at Words and Herbs with a view of one part of the garden so  that we can follow how it changes through the seasons.

Tuesday View 9th May 2017

A much cloudier sky today; we had rain last night and it is forecast to rain again this afternoon

Zooming in to the group of Iris Rustic Jewel

Pale pink Cistus with Santolina flowers about to open; I usually prune them off before they flower

Peeking behind the Cyprus all the pillars are covered with Rosa Clair Matin

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk

Looking at the other side of the Large Island with even more Irises now in flower

The nearly black Iris is I. ‘Before the Storm’.

Bearded Iris no ID, does anyone recognise it?

Other irises newly open in the Large Island include the following.

Iris No ID (Peach)

Iris Edith Wolford , although I know it as ‘Hoist the Sails’ which seems a far better name and one that I will actually remember!!!!!

This meme is a good way on following the progress of a single area of the garden if you’d like to join Cathy, just leave a link to yur post in her comments.

45 thoughts on “Tuesday View 9th May 2017

  1. Do you snip off the heads of santolinas to avoid the yellow? I used to do that with senecio. I just adored the fat silver buds but disliked the yellow daisy. It paid me back by dying one year.
    Lovely post.

  2. Your garden seems more colorful with each passing week, Christina! Of course, I continue to be impressed by your beautiful bearded Iris. My one and thus far only Iris bloomed this morning and it looks much like your ‘Hoist the Sails’/’Edith Wolford’ but I think I bought it under still another name, which I’ll have to look up.

    • The trouble is there are so many Irises, many of which are very, very similar. The garden is now rushing into summer when there will be far less colour, but it’s been so cold I’m almost looking forward to some heat. But I know when it arrives I’ll hate it!!!!!

      • I looked up the name of my Iris and discovered it was listed as ‘Haut les Voiles’, which seems to translate as “hoist the sails” so it is the same cultivar as that shown in your post. Perhaps it heralds more Iris blooms to come, not that I’m greedy…We’ve already had a spell of heat here and we were already complaining about it. The cooler weather this week was much more pleasant.

        • Thanks for the information about the name of the Iris, Kris. I’ll tell the friends who gave me the Iris and had bought it under the name of ‘Hoist the Sails’ but then thought it was ‘Edith Wolford’; they’ll be very pleased; I’m going to see their Irises later today.

  3. The irises are beautiful Christina. Especially love the last one ( and that name!). All those gorgeous roses too! My big rose bush froze right back this year and is only just sending up new shoots, so the blooms will be very late this summer. The small red rose at the top pf my old Tuesday view looks fine though. The cloudy weather and rain will hopefully keep your irises going a bit longer. 🙂

  4. Christina the Iris she has are all precious in all colors. The one that is almost black is wonderful. The Iris Rustic Jewel I love its color. The Rose “Clair Matin” is beautiful and as she climbs the pillars. His garden every day is more beautiful and flowery and more grown. The photos are fantastic. With them you can stroll through their beautiful garden. Have a very good week. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Clair Matin does really well in my dry light soil, she deserves a prize as most of the other roses struggle. She flowers for a long time and then in autumn for another month or so.

  5. Gorgeous , Christina! The cotinus and dusty-pink iris pair well, as do cistus and the peachy iris, – all the lovely colors of iris look terrific, esp. ‘Before the Storm’ – wow! Why do you trim your santolina?

    • I trim the Santolina because I don’t like the sulphurous yellow against the silver foliage, it also stops the plant from ‘opening up’ and looking a mess.

  6. The views are so imaginative Christina. Your careful planning is evident in sizes, textures and colors. You have quite a long iris season. Most of mine are spent for this year, but they were rewarding while they lasted. Your roses are breathtaking.

    • The Irises are just coming to an end now, although it is good that the different varieties all flower at very slightly different times which extends the season, I.’Before the Storm’ has only just begun this week plus this year it is still cool and that helps them last a bit longer.

    • The Stipa tenuissima are a constant in my garden, they seed everywhere so much so that I just pull them out when they are in the wrong place. I love their movement.

      • I can imagine the wave and flutter. One of the unexpected pleasures of garden blogging has been looking up the scientific names of the plants as I read along. I’m looking to cultivate some of my grasses this season to learn what they actually are.

  7. Even more wonderful than last week, Christina. And the more I see ‘Rustic Jewel’ (enhanced this week by the slightly glowering sky and all the greys around it), the more I love it. I wondered if your iris that you wanted us to name is ‘Foggy Dew’? I quickly googled and think that yours is a darker blue round the edges. Very pretty, whatever it is! I don’t like santolina flowers either, but there’s one called ‘E.A. Bowles’ (I think) with very pale yellow flowers that I wouldn’t trim. Lovely views, thanks for sharing!

    • This is probably the very best moment in the garden Cathy so I’m very happy to share it. Thanks for the suggestion for the Iris name; I don’t think it is right for the one I showed but is similar to another that I have. I used to have a lovely pale yellow Santolina that I bought from Beth Chatto, I don’t think it was E.A. Bowles but it may have been.

  8. I don’t see much change in my garden from week to week, but even the lighting can cast it in a whole new way. Maybe I should look closer. Those Thai Silk poppies are fabulous!

  9. You have had rain! 😀 Clumps of irises look so stunning and much more attractive than single specimens. The rose is lovely and so full of bloom too

    • The rose has been flowering for about a month already, it is one of the very few roses that does well for me. We may even have a bit more rain later today. It makes so much difference when it rains, I can almost watch the plants grow, it’s been very good for the newly planted cut flower beds.

    • Thanks Kate, I always appreciate your comments because I know how wonderful your planting is. The Irises have become a major feature of the garden because they like the soil and climate so much. A friend you has many more than I do bought me some more different ones this morning; I will have to decide where to plant them to advantage.

  10. I am impressed with how you have integrated your irises into your garden. Gorgeous! i especially like ‘Before the Storm.’ It is striking, and it seemed appropriate to the gray sky! Iris Rustic Jewel also got my attention.

    • Thanks Deb; I’m just pleased that the Irises like my garden so much. ‘Before the Storm’ is always the last to open its flowers so is especially appreciated.

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