In a Vase on Monday – My favourite Blue and White

If you were to ask me what my favourite colour combination of flowers in a vase is, the answer would be White and Blue.  I don’t often have true blue flowers so I don’t achieve this colour mix very often.  

Today, though, I have lots of white flowers to choose from and enough Blue Larkspur to make a statement in a vase; so for my Monday vase today to join with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for this now unmissable meme I have my favourite colours.

In a vase on Monday

Philidelphus makes the perfect perfumed filler

Iris no ID (Blue Edge’

Iris ‘Hoist the Sails’, Dwarf Gladioli ‘The Bride’, Campanular persicifolia ‘Alba’

Do visit Cathy to see her vase this week and discover many vases from around the globe.


26 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – My favourite Blue and White

    • The friends that gave me the Iris a couple of years ago said that it was called ‘Hoist the Sails’, then last year they thought it might have been miss-sold and that it was called ‘Edith Wolford’, they were rather cross with the supplier (rightly so); then Kris from Late to the Garden Party said she had the same one and it certainly looks the same and it had been sold to her in Los Angeles as the french translation of ‘Hoist the Sails’ (Haute les Voiles). Much easier to remember this name too; so all’s well thanks to the blogopshere.

  1. Blue and white are perfect together. Love the white gladiolus. Philidelphus always catches my eye–lovely the way you’ve used it. Have a great time meeting Cathy and Sandra–so wish I were close-by.

  2. It’s intriguing how the centre of Hoist the Sails gives the impression of fading away in these pictures – I hadn’t noticed that when you have used them before. The blue and white combination is always a good one and I do so hope my larkspur are as prolific as yours. I have a single very dark bearded iris which is going to grace us with flowers this year, and I shall be sorely tempted to cut it for IAVOM…

    • I don’t ever plan on using the Irises for my vases but the no ID one had fallen over and ‘Hoist the Sails’ was just such a perfect colour I couldn’t resist.

  3. Christina a perfect combination between flowers and vase. The contrast of the flowers between blue and white is beautiful and the bouquet is divine. I love the arrangement of the flowers and the Iris “Hoist the candles”. The Philadelphus is wonderful. It is a magnificent bouquet. You have made me smile your flowers and I almost got the perfume of Celinda (philadelphus). Have a very good week. Greetings from Margarida.

  4. Blue and white is one of my favorite combinations too. I wish I had your abundance of Iris. I haven’t tried growing the taller forms of Campanula in years but I’ll have to look into adding that plant somewhere too.

    • The Campanula is such a pure, pure white, I’m really pleased it is flowering. I grew a couple of plants from seed last year but they didn’t flower last year, this year I had more success with germination and growing on and planted out 15 plants. Hopefully I’ll have masses if white bells for my vases next year.

  5. Blue and white is always good and I’m sure it smells wonderful. Your vase is very elegant as is the frilly iris. I do love iris buds, almost more than the flowers. Hoist the Sails is a show stealer.

  6. I love the color combination in the vase and all the China (Blue Willow) Love to see Hoist the Sails in flower. Never thought about the buds, usually too busy anticipating the flowers, but they are special.

  7. Yummy arrangement, the flared shape of the vase repeated in the silhouette of the floral display. Do you know the variety of Mock Orange? I have been disappointed by a lack of fragrance in the one I have.

    • I’m pretty sure this is the straight Philadelphus coronarius. Some I know smell of horrid spearmint! I also have a double (Virginal) which flowers later that has good perfume and the one with the crimson dot in the centre I think it’s called ‘Belle Etoile’ also has a lovely perfume.

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