In a vase on Monday – Sweet peas

I missed making a vase last Monday when I was in London for the Chelsea Flower Show but I was able to meet up with Cathy our host for this addictive meme.  We spent a lovely day together at the Garden History museum (which reopened that day) and at the Chelsea Physic Garden.  As seems to be usual with these encounters we talked as if we had known each other forever and our blogging bond was strengthened.  It was a real pleasure to meet you Cathy.

I have a very simple vase (well vases) today.  Before I left home I cut all the flowers and most of the larger buds from the early flowering sweet peas in the greenhouse and despite the temperatures rising I returned home to masses of flowers.

In a vase on Monday

Sweet peas

Their sweet perfume is filling the kitchen.

Do visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to see what flowers she has found today and other contributors from around the world.


43 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Sweet peas

    • Thanks Lisa; but I doubt it as these are the new varieties that flower very early, they have been bred to grow in low light making them good for growing in the greenhouse in winter.

  1. Delightful! Among my favourite flowers and yes, they do work well in the dark blue vase. I wish I could grow them in Egypt – I’ve rarely had any luck, usually just about enough flowers to fill an egg cup! But they do grow here as I have seen them doing quite well: maybe the key is to try one of the early varieties you mention and get them going in the autumn.

  2. The rich hues of the sweet peas are so lovely. Would love to experience the fragrance they carry. So glad you had a chance to spend time with Cathy. Had no idea the Chelsea Flower Show was going on last week. I do read news but never saw it mentioned. Will have to look up some pictures. I imagine the Garden History museum would be interesting.

      • Too bad about the museum. I tried sweet peas seeds a couple of years ago planted directly into the soil with terrible results–no survivors. Probably would need to start indoors. Never see them offered at the garden centers here. I do have an everlasting sweet pea that has just opened, but it’s missing that elusive fragrance.

  3. Oh you can’t beat sweet peas. The colour, the fragrance and the pretty airiness. Also they are so generous with their blooms. Mine are tiny just now and I hope will survive the slugs for a summer showing.

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Chrstina – it is heartwarming that we all feel the same about meeting up. I am so glad you have had some success with these Winter Sunshine sweet peas and still found plenty to pick when you gor home. Mine have really slowed down and seemed to have suffered from the heat so I have moved them outside for the time being. I am wondering if it would have helped if they were in bigger pots, but it probably wouldn’t make any difference if I repotted them now. Not sure what I will do next year – probably grow them in the greenhouse border again, I think ps probably agree with you on the Garden Museum although I don’t think we were really focussing on the displays… 😉

    • It was interesting at the museum as I really don’t think they have changed the displays much at all just moved them around. What they have added seems to be the cafe and educational areas. The space itself felt much better but I don’t think the displays were very well thought through. My sweet peas are standing up to the heat at the moment but I don’t know for how much longer; the greenhouse has its shade netting which maybe helps.

      • The cafe must have been somewhere within the building before but I don’t remember where. When I looked on their website a few months ago there was a time elapse videa showing the renovations (don’t know if it is still there) which certainly seem to have opened it up as it feels quite spacious, but there didn’t seem to be much on display really. I wondered about shade netting for my greenhouses in this really hot spell, as it was regularly up to nearly 40 degrees inside. Is netting preferable to that whitewash stuff?

        • I have to stop the sun actually hitting the glass so my netting is on the outside. I think in the UK the whitewash is fine (it’s what I used to use). Because the light levels are so much higher here I can keep the netting on all year without any noticeable problems for the plants. Even in winter if the sun hits the glass the temperatures sore.

  5. I wonder if there’s any sweet pea scent to be found in a perfume bottle? There’s not a better scent to be found (although I’m also rather fond of the scent of freesias). My own sweet peas have been gone for a good 3 weeks now so it’s a pleasure to see yours.

  6. How lovely Christina, and such a nice scent to welcome you home. I love those tiny bottles you have used – I remember seeing them before and I think you said a drink comes in them?

  7. I love the little green bottles too. The scent of sweet peas is just so special. I have a few coming up which I started in pots and planted out a couple weeks ago. Every weekend I mean to put in more but just keep not doing it. Next weekend is a long weekend so I must do it.

  8. Christina was very glad she had a great time in London with Cathy. Its beautiful blue vase highlights the precious Odor Peas that must have a wonderful perfume. I was planning to plant them this year but it could not be because of the circumstances. Next year I plant them. Happy week. Greetings from Margarita.

  9. I am so pleased to see that you have sweet peas Christina! These winter varieties do transform sweet pea growing don’t they – my greenhouse is overflowing with flowers right now and there is a fabulous scent to greet me when I open the door in the morning. Although I can grow sweet peas outside that flower later in the summer they are always full of bugs so not good for bringing into the house. I am very jealous of your visit to the Garden Museum & Chelsea Physic garden – I really must get myself up to London to visit these. I can imagine what a great time you had meeting Cathy – blogging is such a good way to connect and Cathy is great company.

    • I was first person into the museum after the refurbishment so was interviewed and photographed. Really it wasn’t all finished but they wanted to open for Chelsea week.

    • I haven’t grown them for years either as it is really too hot for them here. These are the ones that will grow and flower in low light levels mean I could grow them in the greenhouse early. I don’t know how long they’ll continue to flower but they have already been worth it.

  10. Oh vases of sweet peas are the very essence of summer Christina. I’m envious of your rich pickings. My first open sweet pea greeted me at the allotment yesterday afternoon but it’s a way off before there will be enough for a vase. So glad that you enjoyed your get-together in London and wished that I had joined you.

  11. I love sweet peas, and yours look so lovely in the inky blue Vase. A real taste of summer. Mine are almost in flower. The early ones sadly got eaten by mice. But i didn’t give up and sowed another batch in February. Fingers crossed these ones don’t get eaten by slugs! I was so sorry to miss you in London. I’m looking out for the next get together when I shall definitely be there!!! Love karen x

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