Tuesday View – 30th May 2017

What a difference two weeks makes to the garden when it is hot and dry!  This certainly show how valid this weekly meme hosted by Cathy at Words and Herbs is.


I missed last week’s View as I was at the Chelsea Flower Show, but I returned on Thursday to a garden that looked completely different; no longer late spring but now SUMMER with all that means!

The images were taken this morning at about 9 am.

Tuesday View 30th May 2017

Stipa tenuissima is already showing it’s golden tints instead of bright green.  Some of them I will remove to allow the silvery plants to shine.

Zooming in a little

I was too slow, the  Santolina is already flowering.  At the weekend I bought a green Santolina (Viridis) to add to the plants that survive the drought conditions of summer.

Pennisetum ‘Karlie’ (I think)

Lamprathus spectabilis

If I make a half turn to the left this is the view:

Looking to the left

Do visit Cathy to see her view this week and think about joining in, looking at the same view each week focuses the mind about how a planting scheme can be improved.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday View – 30th May 2017

  1. The summer seems to be racing past fast and I share your feeling that there are few stars in the garden here too. It has all peaked rather early and I am not sure what will follow. Love the stipa in your beds though.

  2. The silvery foliage really comes to the fore once your weather warms up, and I can see you have the same strong morning light as we do here right now. I love your grasses, and the ground cover innthe view to the right. It’s hot and dry for May here and I actually watered part of my rockery today, which is unheard of until July or even August!

  3. Christina has changed the garden a lot: now it’s Summer. But the Santolina is blooming and it is beautiful. La Stipa is beautiful. The Cipress with the Romero are my favorite couple. Greetings from Margarita.

      • Christina I have a large terrace with a giant terraced planter. But as we are so busy and then we go to the country house, if I have flowers in Madrid I can not fit in the car and I feel sorry for them to die. My Father was operated on this Monday and is already at home. He has a month of recovery ahead. It’s not hot in Madrid, it’s okay. Last week was very hot. How hot is Christina? I hope not much. Greetings from Margarita.

        • I hope that your father is recovering well. Yesterday felt very hot here and today we went to the beach. The water was cool and there was a pleasant breeze. I feel very relaxed after a day doing nothing!

  4. Although our temperatures have temporarily turned cool again, summer is making its presence known here too. My own Stipa tenuissima is the very same golden color as yours and I’m fighting what may be a hopeless battle to comb the seeds out before they sprout everywhere.

    • I don’t worry about the seeds as the grass isn’t difficult to remove from where I don’t want it and I usually remove the plants when they are very dried out and toasty brown, leaving the new ones to grow for the winter.

  5. Your garden certainly looks like summer has arrived Christina! It must feel like quite a contrast to the lush late spring growth you have been seeing on your visit to England. Finding plants that can survive your long dry summer must be a challenge but this bed certainly looks perfectly suited to its position. I love the grasses which I struggle with – I lose so many in the winter – my Stipa tenuissima is finally looking like it is settling in though although it does not look as happy as yours.

    • Stipa here seeds everywhere but I don’t mind as it is easy to remove from where I don’t want it. When we left everywhere was still very lush but it became hot while we were in England and it soon changed to parched because the winter and spring were so dry. I worry how plants will survive this summer.

  6. That clump of pennisteum is gorgeous, Christina – shame I didn’t warm to grasses earlier as mine are all still all fairly puny plants!

  7. Your pictures do give the impression of sudden heat. Here we have had rain-after hot days, mostly to set back the poor roses, encouraged to flower, then rotted by rain!

  8. Christina if you want to see how my garden is in the quick visit I made to the farmhouse to put the drip irrigation and clean a little weeds that were a meter high, follow this link https://wordpress.com /posts/margaritaexam141.wordpress.com It is called in a wild garden. To see it you have to give to the button of the last line “View” that has a small eye to its side. The photos are not good. Greetings from Margarita.

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