Tuesday View 6th June 2017 – different again

After a week of intense heat the garden looks different again.  That’s why this meme hosted by Cathy at Words and Herbs is so useful in recording the changes of one area of the garden.  I should be as diligent in recording all the different views and borders but I’m not so I’m grateful to Cathy for challenging me to at least record one part of the garden each Tuesday.

Tuesday View 6th June 2017

The Stipa tenuissima are all ‘blond’ now and some will be removed as they drape themselves over other plants and their seed blows everywhere.

Today has been cloudy as you can see in my images taken at about 4.15 this afternoon, but so far no rain.

Last week I showed what the view was like turning 90 degrees to the left; today I have turned 90 degrees to the right to show you the view across the garden including the new evergreen shrub borders, planted in autumn 2015.

I’ve begun clipping the evergreen shrubs that replaced the Formal Garden in 2015

This morning I began clipping some of the shrubs; as this is their first prune I didn’t remove too much growth; especially as it has become very hot and windy (a terrible combination) and I didn’t want to damage the new growth.

I like the solidity that the tight pruning gives

The border is therefore beginning to look as I envisaged which is always good.  The Pomegranate in the background is covered with flowers, I hope we will have lots of fruit this year, fingers crossed.

Do visit Cathy to see her view and others who join this useful meme.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday View 6th June 2017 – different again

  1. Christina the pruned shrubs are beautiful. La Stipa has grown too much and you do very well in pruning part of it. I love as always the Cypress with the Rosemary. I wish I had lots of fruit this summer. Hot wind coupled with heat is a fatal combination. I hope the hot wind stops and it rains. Have a very good week and do not spend too much heat. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. I’ve had no internet access while I’ve been away, Christina, so your borders do look so different to me! I know you probably end up finding it a nuisance, but the promise of your ‘blond’ Stipa tenuissima is envious. I’ve spent 5 years here trying to propagate it – eventually I gave up and bought plants. It was always so very easy in the past. Hopefully my plants will seed, since they are in a part of the garden that seems to be encouraging other things to spread. What a wonderful look you are getting with those clipped evergreens – and what a very good eye you have!

  3. Wow, I’ve been away for a while and it does look different…but still beautiful. I like a mix of clipped and unclipped foliage, so I think your new border is looking fabulous!

  4. The Stipa are so striking in their summer colour and make a wonderful impact! I also love the shapes you have created from clipping your shrubs. The silvery foliage looks so good with the Alliums too. Your garden is such an inspiration for me Christina. Thanks!

    • Oh! thank you Cathy, that’s such a nice thing to say. I am pleased with the chipped shrubs and they will look better still when they are more tightly clipped and the Quercus ilex (Holly Oaks) will be clipped too when I’m feeling brave!

  5. You’ve done so well in creating structure in your garden, Christina. I inherited good bones with my garden but I need to be more deliberate about my future plant selections so I embellish rather than obliterate that structure – I’m trying to control my plant collector (cram it wherever it fits) tendencies. Do you “comb” your Stipa? Mine is seeding like crazy right now, despite regular “hairdressing.”

    • I don’t comb my Stipa. It would be a never ending job. I tend to remove the whole plants when they look really awful and let some new seedlings fill their places. I don’t find all the seedlings a problem as they are easy to pull out.

    • Some of my Alliums are also leaning. I’ve eaten some of the flowers in salads. Lovely onion flavour. Most I’ll leave to make seed and sprinkle in the beds

  6. Lovely Christina. I love the way the tight clipping of the shrubs is reflected by your white balls and the balls of the allium flowers. You are a true artist my friend.

  7. I am pleased that things are looking as you envisaged – how often would you normally clip your shrubs? No sign of any wind on the rain yet?

    • Usually once, the best time would be before they grow (which is spring and autumn/winter. Now wasn’t the right time but I did it anyway. No, no rain and temperatures are into the 30’sC.

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