Tuesday View 20th June 2017

I try to join Cathy of Words and Herbs every Tuesday to share a view of one area of the garden to observe progress through the growing season.Actually “growing season” isn’t the right term as nothing really grows in the hot, drought conditions that we are experiencing this year!

I actually photographed the view yesterday evening at about 7.30 pm as the light is so bright during the day it is almost impossible to photograph anything.  The blur top left in the image is my hand trying to shade the camera lens from the sun.

Tuesday View 20th June 2017

It does all look terribly dry.

This is the view looking from the other end

The above is the Large Island bed which visually links to all the other beds behind it at this time of year.  Just in front of the Arbutus tree is the Upper slope path where the irises were.

Cathy is experiencing hot weather in Germany too; do check in to see her view too and think about sharing a view of your own.

Don’t forget GBFD on Thursday!


16 thoughts on “Tuesday View 20th June 2017

  1. Hi Christina. Yes, dry and bleached, but believe me it is still beautiful! Creating such a lovely garden in your climate and soil is nothing short of a miracle!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Cathy; it doesn’t seem very beautiful to me at present but I hate the heat and it completely wipes me out! Today I was out in the garden at 6.30 to do a few necessary jobs, by 8 am it was already quite hot.

  2. It does look hot and dry – the view has gained its ‘summer’ look. The evergreens act as anchors for the waving grasses. Hope you get some rain and relief from the heat soon.

  3. I took some photos here yesterday and the heat appeared to radiate out of my photos too – and we haven’t been nearly as hot as you (or our own inland valleys) are. They’re even cancelling flights in areas of the American Southwest right now due to the heat, which affects the amount of fuel the planes can carry. As I’m scheduled to fly across the country this week, this is of immediate personal concern. I do hope some of the climate change deniers are finally getting the message.

    • You’re going to the Fling aren’t you? I contemplated going this year as Susie is participating and it would have been lovely to meet up with her again and you meet other bloggers and of course you too. I hope the flights aren’t disrupted too much and you don’t have any problems.

  4. Christina, do not despair about the garden. Evergreens and Cypress and Rosemary are green and full of strength. The rest is normal with the drought that there is. Do not let it get too hot. Greetings from Margarita.

  5. Same here, Christina, and I wonder if we’ll have to seriously reconsider how we’ll garden in the future. No rain in sight…I meditate and hope for the best…and of course I carry the odd watering can to save the poorest of souls. Keep your chin up xx

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