In a vase on Monday – Spoilt for choice

The cut flower beds are producing a lot of blooms but that is a good thing as it is so hot now that even the cut flowers don’t last very long.  I picked my flowers early this morning but then was busy trying to complete some tasks outside, make apricot jam, tie in tomatoes, etc, etc, and all before it became to hot.  Because I left it so late I had trouble finding somewhere shady to photograph my vase for Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden.

In a vase on Monday in dappled shade on the terrace

Shades of pink from a mauve-pink through to deep burgundy

I like the uncontrollable wispiness of Salvia horninum

Below isn’t today’s vase but one I arranged for the weekend, many of the flowers are already past their best.

This was my vase for the weekend

A small vase of Dahlia and Zinnias with stems too short for the main arrangement.

Back to today’s vase; I moved around the garden looking for a suitable shady spot where the colours wouldn’t be bleached by the sun.

The light was better on the seat by the Bay at the back of the garden

I’m pleased with how the tones of colour work together

This two tone Dahlia planted last year is producing stems full of flowers

I still have more dark Dahlias and Zinnias left in the bucket that I need to find a vase for.

With thanks to Cathy who despite opening her garden yesterday for NGS still had the energy to pick and arrange flowers this morning.

Have a good week.

32 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Spoilt for choice

  1. The colors of the Dahlia vase are luscious. They are the most gorgeous flowers. I am only growing one as I don’t have a cutting garden or much extra room to squeeze them in.

    • I never used to like dahlias Linda, it is only since seeing them on others’ blogs and beginning the cut flower beds that I have begun to appreciate them.

  2. I love it. I have been talking to Cathy (RITG) about how we have learned to like Dahlias from IAVOM. Yours are lovely today and I mean to grow some if possible. i grew up with Dinnerplate Dahlias that look like fake plants to me.

  3. Actually I picked, plonked, photographed and posted in about half an hour yesterday, Christina – must be a record!! Your variious pink blooms work so well together and I like your description of the Salvia hominum! The two-tone dahlia is really attractive (name…?) – and is the frilly pink flower at the front of the vase a zinnia? I wasn’t sure if it was one of the frilly cosmos but you haven’t mentioned cosmos. And the dark one behind it? Lovely shade. Thanks for sharing some of your abundance ps I have a (just one) larkspur flowering – and buds on a delphinium grown from seed!

    • I have the names of some of the Dahlias I planted last year but I’m not sure now which is which. I should pull out the names and look them to see which is which. If I buy more I’m going to photograph the packaging so then they will be easy to identify. Not sure what you mean by frilly but it is either a Dahlia or a zinnia. No Cosmos in this arrangement.

  4. Such a beautiful vase of flowers, Christina. I love the colours and the wispy salvia adds a lovely ethereal quality. What is the name of the two-tone dahlia? It’s gorgeous.

  5. Your dahlias are such beautiful colours and shapes. The trouble is there are so many differnent ones, we could keep adding to our collections. I agree about the salvia, it adds some lovely movement.

  6. So pretty, and in that gorgeous vase too! Love the colours. The first pictures are really beautiful. Yes, the salvia adds a little cheekiness to a classic arrangement. 🙂

  7. It must be a constant race against the clock Christina to get things done before you melt. At what time of day do you have to retreat? Cathy and Sam have taken the words out of my mouth asking for the name of that gorgeous two-toned dahlia 🙂 Both weekend and weekday vases are most appealing.

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