Tuesday View 27th June 2016

It continues to be hot!  I’ve been saying that for a month already, and I’ve had enough of the heat and so have my plants.  As there is very little chance of the temperatures falling and it is unlikely that it will rain in the near future I decided to start cutting back all the brown dead foliage on the perennials, remove the spent flowering stems of the Iris, annual lupin and remove some of the Stipa tenuissima where it is obscuring silver foliage plants that do at least look bright in the shimmering heat.

Tuesday view 27th June 2017

With much of the blond and brown foliage removed the view looks fresher.

Removing Stipa tenuissima has allowed other plants some breathing space

Looking back along the path to where I stand for ‘the view’ the large pot of white Agapanthus are flowering

As you can see there were clouds in the sky today but but it didn’t reduce the temperature which now barely drops below 30°C from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening.

I’m joining with Cathy at Words and Herbs who encourages us all to share a view of one part of our gardens each Tuesday.  Do take a look at her post and to find other views.

24 thoughts on “Tuesday View 27th June 2016

  1. I also cut back a lot of dead and browning foliage last Friday when the wind made it just about bearable to do any work. The result is pleasing and I think your view looks stunning still Christina. The caramels and golds are a gentle contrast to the silvers. What are those clumps of spiky foliage in the foreground near the Stipa?

    • The Large Island, which is most of this view was designed with exclusively drought tolerant plants and is never watered except to establish new plants. Without so much ‘brown’ dead-looking foliage it does look much better.

  2. I think it looks stunning with great contrasts in colour and form. I am longing to garden here but will have to wait till my back pain repairs and the house scaffolding is down. I always feel good when the garden is tidied and it seems to appreciate the attention.

  3. The garden looks remarkably fresh considering the heat. The evergreens really give some life to it, kind of like they do here for our winters. Also like our winters it’s often better for the gardener to stay indoors when the weather gets miserable! Hope you find some relief.

    • You’re right about everything Frank – it is definitely better to be inside the house than out in the heat and the evergreens have exactly the same function for me in summer as they do for you in winter (I need them for winter too). Tidying up the dead foliage did make a bigger impact than I imagined on the overall look of the garden; I’ll have to do more of the borders.

  4. I like the contrast the yukkas provide. Does Stipa tenuiiisma, which I guess is summer dormant now, produce a second flush of leaves later in the year when the heat subsides etc.?

  5. I love the way the yuccas contribute form and texture to your wonderful use of foliage.
    We had some very welcome, prolonged rain yesterday, the first in weeks. Oh the relief.

    • I try to start at about 6.30 and work through until about 10.30, then I do jobs inside until lunchtime then I rest it is too hot to do anything. In the evening I have been watering stressed plants, I haven’t needed to do that most years.

          • Hmm, should have known you would ask me that! Normally, if there is such a thing, I wouldn’t go out till after lunch because of other things and perhaps do a couple of hours – but if there is something specific I want to do I will just go out and do it, like cutting back the Rector which I started soon after breakfast and spent about 4 hours on over the day. I was thinking as I did it that it would be in my interests to try and have a regular maintenance ‘regime’ for different parts of the garden, giving each part a once-over in succession to make sure they don’t get neglected when my back is turned.

  6. Christina the Big Island is best seen cutting the Stipa. The heat we all suffer. This Summer is going to be very dry and almost without rain. The Climate Change has already been noticed since 2015 that the summers’ temperatures have been increasing. I wish you to be safe from the heat and not have much. Greetings from Margarita.

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