In a vase on Monday – Cool Green and White

Monday is the day that Cathy at Rambling in the Garden asks us to pick and share flowers from our own gardens; today she has a surprise for us.

Today’s vases were prepared for the weekend and with the extreme heat will probably only last another day or so before they need to be replaced.  But they have done their job of giving me something cool to look at while our temperatures have been hovering around 40°C (104°F).  Today is forecast to be a little cooler but I must say it feels just as hot to me.

In a vase on Monday

Nicotiana Lime Green, Ami and Daucus carrota add more white and green

Some of the Zinnias have huge flowers; Z. Benary’s Giant White

Gomphrena glubosa White

I will definitely grow more Gomphrena glubosa next year, maybe also in other colours; has anyone grown other colours? How well do they grow?

Zinnia Benary’s Giant Lime

this arrangement uses the same flowers and is in the kitchen

Zinnias and Dahlias work so well together

With Thanks to Cathy, our hostess for this special meme.  If you haven’t seen her vase yet this week do pop over to see it and other vases.


44 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Cool Green and White

  1. Love this, Christina, so fresh and cool, just the right cocktail on a hot day! It’s been a bit quite over here and I often wondered how you’re getting on, and the garden too, of course. Hope it hasn’t been too dry and roasting for you this year. We’re due some rain tonight (thunderstorm), so here’s hoping. xx

  2. The Celadon greens are just the right touch. It has only been 98 F here! it had occurred to me that the heat lessens the cut life of the flowers, so thank you for confirming that.

  3. what a great balance of green and white – I love both of them. That huge white zinnia is gorgeous – and so is that bobbly gomphrena. I think some of our US blogging friends grow it – would it grow inthe UK? How is your leonotis doing? Mine is very healthy but no sign of any blooms yet…

  4. I have been watching the weather forecast and cringing at the thought of 40 degrees or more. With that in mind I am amazed to see your Vase full looking so pretty cool and fresh. Really lovely

    • They look cool and to be honest Zinnias seem to take any amount of heat in the garden but the vase life of all my flowers is only a very few days at the moment, luckily there are more to pick!

  5. Christina two lovely and refreshing floral arrangements in green and white. Benin’s Giant White Zinnias are very pretty and also in green. Gomphera glubosa blanca is a flower that I did not know: I love it. I hope the temperatures drop soon and you can be better. We are also much warmer here than last year. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. Lovely! I discovered Gomphrena last year and I grew a mixed display. I liked the purple, which is like clover. This year I am trying Strawberry fields which is looking wonderfully like mini strawberry trees.

  7. Very cool! This year I am growing G. ‘Strawberry fields’, which really look like mini strawberry trees. Last year I grew a mixed selection and liked the clover-like purple ones particularly.

  8. It’s a cool arrangement, Christina, in all the meanings of that word! I’m sorry that your horrible heat has continued. The Pacific Northwest has also been hit with heat at those levels, very unusual for them, while we’ve been comparatively cool (which means upper 80s-low 90sF). As to the Gomphrena, they do well here – G. ‘Fireworks’ is extremely popular and said to be self-seeding, although it didn’t do much of that in my garden. I had my eye on an orange variety at a local garden center – I’ve grown that one before but it’s an annual here. Only G. decumbens seems to be a true perennial for us.

    • I think all the Gomphrenas are annuals here. I will leave these in the ground to see what happens to them. I will have to check if ‘fireworks’ is available as seed, I hope so. I grew this because I liked it so much in your garden and in your vases.

  9. Beautifully cool in green and white. Very elegant too. I’ve never grown Gomphrena but I keep seeing it in people’s vases so I’ll have to have a go. The white looks very soft and pretty.

  10. They are lovely cool colours Christina, reminding me of a cold pitcher of lemon and lime! I hope they have helped you feel cooler indoors at least! Love the shape created in the second vase in particular. Our temperatures – and more importantly the humidity – have dropped at last. Hope your heatwave is over soon.

  11. Crazy about that green Amaranth. The heat tends to build in the house, so that even when it begins to cool a bit it feels as hot. Can’t believe I’m champing at the bit for summer to give way to Autumn.

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