In a vase on Monday – Pink extravaganza

I’m pleased to report that there has been rain!  The garden is relieved and I am beginning to be able to think again as the temperatures dropped over the weekend by 10°C.  It is back to hot during the day but now at least early mornings, evenings and at night are positively fresh.  Tomorrow is Ferragosto, the Italian ‘unofficial’ end of summer!  Now onto the flowers.

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who is our hostess for this incredibly popular meme has used Dahlias in her vase today and they form the major part of my arrangement too.

I made this arrangement on Friday as I was giving a small dinner party and wanted some impressive flowers for the sideboard.  I have used the same vase of the last couple of weeks but this arrangement is even larger than the others; measuring approx. 1 metre tall by 1.5 metres wide.

In a vase on Monday

Looking at my images (but not apparent to me while putting the vase together) I can see I needed some of the Perovskia and Cosmos in the front of the vase.

This is one of the lovely things about creating a vase every week; I have more opportunity to learn what creating an attractive arrangement entails.

Perovskia, and pink Cosmos were used as the ‘foliage’ elements

Even though the temperatures have dropped, I need to add more water to the vase each day.  In the days when temperatures were approaching 40°C the flowers’s vase life was significantly shorter than in early summer.  Sometimes only looking good for 3 days.  This arrangement, put together on Friday morning is still looking pristine so I’m hopeful of at least another couple of days.

Dahlias and Zinnias were the only flowers used

I didn’t sow any Cosmos this year, but there is a huge patch of self-seeded plants which are much stronger plants than my seedlings usually produce; they are about a metre and a half high or perhaps a little more but so far they aren’t producing as many flowers as I would expect.

Do visit Cathy to see how she decided to arrange her Dahlias.  They will be links to lots of other vases too.

43 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Pink extravaganza

    • On this occasion they were; Italians aren’t usually all that enamoured of fresh flowers. The Dahlias and Zinnias thrive in the heat as long as they have enough irrigation.

  1. So glad to hear you had rain….we are having warmth and sun for more than a couple days finally. And those flowers make quite an impressive vase…..what an amazing cutting garden you have even without the rain.

  2. Oh you must be so relieved with the change in the weather and must feel like a new woman now 🙂 Your massive arrangement is an absolute delight in so many ways – colour, size, composition and the rest. I know what you mean about the absence of perovskia and cosmos (in mine I didn’t realise you couldn’t see the verbena and persicaria until I saw the main photo) but that’s a minor detail and something to remember forthe future. The fact that your guests commented on it confirms the impact that it must make in your home. You must cut really low down on your dahlias to get such tall stems – I forewent an odd bud or two with mine but you must have had to remove far more. Thank you so much for sharing your creation (which it definitely is) with the IAVOM community

    • I do cut long stems but to be honest if I didn’t there would be just too many flowers. I think it also makes for stronger plants. I do stand back when I’m arranging to look, but I often don’t see the faults until I look st the photographs. I suppose in a perfect world I’d take photographs immediately and make adjustments, but there never seems to be time for that.

      • Yes, likewise – I considered taking another photo when I realised but there wasn’t really time as I was far later writing my post than I intended to be and I still had the ‘one Stone’ post to write!

  3. I’m glad to hear that you’ve finally gotten a break in terms of your weather, Christina. I know how wearying those endless days of intense heat can be, especially when the nights don’t cool down much either. Here, we’ve recently seen a return of the morning marine layer, which keeps the daytime highs down – it’s welcome even if it’s fairly certain it won’t last. I hope Ferragosto does indeed bring an end to your summer heat, although I remember visiting Italy for a 2-week period starting with Ferragosto decades ago and it wasn’t cool…

    Your vase is glorious. I’m sure it was a big hit with your dinner guests.

    • Even though the daytime temperatures are high on September and even sometimes in October Kris, the difference is the cool mornings, evenings and nights. Today it felt positively chilly before 9 but later it was 32 or 33. The light has changed completely again too. It is such a relief.

  4. That height in a vase must be quite impressive and I bet your guests loved it! Lovely colours. I find it hard to use Perovskia as it seems to disappear on my photos, but it makes a lovely whispy effect around the edges of your arrangement. Glad you had rain and it is finally cooling down!

    • We actually had dinner outside even though it was really quite cool but suddenly that seemed such a nice option. So they didn’t see the flowers until we came inside for dessert.

  5. How wonderful, I do love summer for the opportunities to have vases on a real scale rather than scrabbling around for tiny blooms in winter. Your vase looks fabulous. I am always tweaking but as you say, that is how we learn what looks good. So pleased that your temperatures have dropped a little. You would laugh if you knew what it was like here.

  6. Gorgeous, Christina, I am glad things are cooling down. Gotta love the Italians,Ferragosto, though I think they are on to something! If if makes you feel better I looked at our temps earlier and it was something along the lines of 97 (F) feels like 113!

    • The weather always changes around this time so that although it is still hot during the day, mornings and evenings are cooler which is lovely and also means I sleep at night which I don’t very well when it is very hot.

  7. Christina was very happy about the rains and the temperature drop. The arrangement is magnificent. It is so big and so beautiful. The Dahlias and Cosmos have beautiful colors. Have a very good week. Greetings from Margarita.

  8. Oh now that is a vase and a half Christina. You must have enjoyed putting it together and be chuffed with the results. Glad to read that it is cooling down over there. My Italian cousins say it has been unbearable and were pleased to decamp to the mountains last week. Interesting to read that Italians are not that fond of fresh flowers in the house. My Mum must have been an exception to the rule as she always appreciated bouquets and bunches although she would never cut them from her own garden.

    • I’m glad there are some exceptions, in truth I do have some gardening friends who are pleased to receive a bouquet but what I said is generally true. I wish I could have escaped to the mountains; your cousins were right it was unbearable.

  9. I’m so glad you are getting some relief from the relentless heat and strong sun. It can really sap the joy out of gardening.
    Beautiful arrangement! Funny that you mentioned cut flowers not being as popular with the Italians. I’d have to agree with that. Maybe a vaseful of fruited fig branches would attract notice. I would be thrilled to see that and a glass of wine as a table decoration!

  10. I’ve noticed, too, how much more fleeting the summer bouquets are. Some of the early spring arrangements hung on until we got sick of them. Now it’s an ongoing chore to keep fresh flowers in the house (never satisfied). The camera does have the nasty habit of revealing flaws that went unnoticed by the eye. Your vase looks flawless to me.

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