Tuesday View – on Thursday this week

Tuesday I was hosting GBFD so didn’t post my Tuesday view to share with Cathy at Herbs and Words; but I didn’t want to miss a second week in a row so here’s my view today.

Although in my last couple of posts I’ve been saying that the weather has cooled down I wouldn’t want you to imagine that it is actually COOL – no, the freshness is relative.  After surviving (just) a couple of months with temperatures in the high 30°’s C and even creeping into the 40°’s C a week of temperatures not reaching more than 34°C really did feel like a relief.

The forecast for the coming weekend is that we must prepare for another blast of hot air from the Sahara; but we are nearly into September now so I don’t think high temperatures can really continue for much longer or if they do it will only be during the day and not at night.

Tuesday View 22nd August

Sedum – just look at the sun-burnt leaves. Many of the Sedum around the garden are looking as if they are struggling to stay alive

Even the flowers for this succulent, Lamprathus spectabilis has hardly any flowers and those that are there are stunted

Yet again I think the camera has lied because the garden looks much less green than it appears here

If you haven’t done so yet, do visit Cathy to see her view this week; it’s much more verdant than my garden.

15 thoughts on “Tuesday View – on Thursday this week

  1. Oh dear, that sedum does look sad Christina. With such heat and no rain it is amazing they are still alive really. We have also had cooler nights, but Germany’s forecast is for another very hot period until the end of the month. I am currently in the UK so I will miss it and can enjoy some respite! 🙂 Hope you can get through this last heatwave without too much more damage. The cooler night temperatures will probably help. Hope so!

  2. I admire your fortitude! I’d be a whiny baby in that kind of consistently hot weather, Anything above 75F and I grab the iced tea and run for the air conditioning! Your garden still looks lovely and a bit exotic to me. I love the gold of the dried grass in the forefront of one of the pictures. One thing is for sure, winter will be here before we know it!

    • There’s nothing to admire. I don’t do anything when it’s hot. Iced mint tea (from garden mint) is a feature in the fridge as and I make extra espresso on the morning and chill that too! I just hope it rains soon.

  3. Christina, I’m in my country house at 34º C, something incredible, never happened. But after 9:00 pm it is quite cool (before 7:00 p.m. and at night we are at 18 ° C (before 14 ° C)): I am fortunate. I hope it also starts to cool at least at night despite Of the forecast of air of the Sahara that it has This summer is being horrible hot and dry Its purple Sedum is hardly resisting the poor The only thing that looks really green are the Cipreses and the Rosemary I wish very soon the rains arrive And lower temperatures. Resist the best you can in the heat.Saludos de Margarita.

  4. I have Sedum that looks just like that! We haven’t had nearly the summer heat you’ve experienced this year but the heat is expected to soar here on Sunday and possibly through next week. Whether we hit 100F+ (37C+) remains to be seen. It’s hard to believe as it’s actually somewhat cold here now (64F) and misty (90% humidity) even though the clock just struck noon.

  5. Your garden scenes are attractive, but they cause me to think back to May or June here when everything had the same drier tones your plants now do. Hoping for your rain and weather pattern to shift some now that fall is on its way.

    Sedum – to think people where I lived a few hours away try growing it on hot roofs, then add irrigation to keep it from burning. With our elevation, sun, heat, etc!

  6. I know how you feel about the heat! Our temps have dropped some over the past week or so, and the humidity dropped enough for the air to feel almost pleasant. But definitely not cool! I am grateful that we have had plentiful rain this summer. I hope it continues into the next season. I am looking forward to fall and what I call our “second spring.”

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