Tuesday View – 29th August 2017

Just when I was beginning to think that autumn was arriving and that the temperatures were dropping Italy has again been in the clutches of a hot cyclone from Africa bringing hot winds that feel as if a hairdryer is being into your face when you step out of the door.

The temperatures have hovered around 35°C since last Friday and aren’t set to drop until Thursday or Friday when thunderstorms are predicted.

Trachelospernum jasminoides is a stable in gardens here, it usually copes well with any length of drought.

I have been irrigating many of my drought tolerant plants as most seem to have reached the end of their tolerance and are desperate for the autumn rains to arrive

These images were taken just before 8 pm; before that it was too hot to venture outside

You can see the sun sinking below the horizon in the above photograph; I was shocked that it was almost dark when I went outside.

Cathy at Words and Herbs is on holiday this week but many of the regular bloggers who usually participate in this useful meme have posted.


18 thoughts on “Tuesday View – 29th August 2017

  1. We’re dealing with equivalent levels of heat this week, Christina. After 2 remarkably cool and comfortable weeks, I’d also begun to wonder if autumn was going to arrive early this year (instead of some time in October as usual) but this was not to be. Working in the garden is currently an early morning activity at best. I haven’t even heard a projected end date for our current heatwave but, compared to what’s happening in Houston, Texas, I guess I can’t complain. Hang in there! I hope your thunderstorms bring relief soon.

  2. Ugh. Sorry to her that the heat has returned, and with a hot wind on top of that. There’s something about a hot breeze that adds insult to injury so I hope it passes quickly.
    The plants don’t look too bad though, I think your minimal watering is just the right amount to get them through it!

  3. Hope you get some much needed rain soon Christina. It struck me this week too that the days are shortening faster. We could use rain here too (ironic given the situation in Texas.)

  4. Christina is very sorry that the heat comes back and also with hot air that evaporates the moisture from the leaves. I hope it does not last long and soon the temperatures drop and rain. Cypress and Rosemary are the only ones that look green. Here we had a four-day respite with rain and temperatures of 20ºC: but temperatures are rising again. Greetings from Margarita.

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