In a vase on Monday – late!

I’m not very often late with my post for ‘In a vase on Monday’ hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the garden.  My excuse is that it was my birthday yesterday which is also Viterbo’s patron saint’s day.  I have written about Santa Rosa before and I’ll post some images of this years celebration later in the week.  On the eve of the day a 100 foot high tower is carried through the streets of the city and the evening ends with a wonderful fireworks display which seems to be directed at the windows of our apartment in the city so I often celebrate my birthday there with friends so we can all enjoy the fireworks and the excitement of the evening together.Of course this called for flowers for the table!

I picked almost all the Zinnias but with short stems so there should be plenty more again in a few days

I used floral foam

I know I said last week that I didn’t like using it but it really seemed to be the only way.  I’d had the foam for some time and although it was still in its original packing it really didn’t absorb water as it should so sadly some of the flowers only lasted the evening!

From the end, I achieved a narrow arrangement to fit the table

In a vase on Monday

From above


42 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – late!

  1. Many happy returns Christina! Your arrangement is absolutely gorgeous, and it definitely was worth cutting all the zinnias just for one evening. 🙂 What are those slightly conical white flowers?

  2. Happy birthday Christina! This is such a
    a gorgeous way to use your zinnias – one of my favourite late summer flowers. We are sat in Florida right now but I am looking forward to getting home later this week & reconnecting with the garden. Hopefully my zinnias will be looking this good. xx

  3. Oh happy birthday for yesterday, Christina – glad you were busy enjoying yourself and not under the weather, as I feared. What an exciting evening it must have been and what a lovely centrepiece – I really like the low but wide style, which would of course have needed strong support and the foam seems to have done the trick, although it’s strange how it didn’t absorb water properly. The dark pink zinnia is especially striking and I remenbered the whote blobs were gomphrena this time!! Thanks for sharing

  4. What a beautiful arrangement, Christina! I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration. Yesterday was Labor Day here in the US. We had a family cookout and I didn’t have time to participate in Cathy’s meme.

  5. Happy birthday! What a gorgeous arrangement; the colors and shape for the table are perfect. It’s so fitting that Santa Rosa is on your birthday…it must have been a perfect evening.

  6. And here I am…late in wishing you a Happy Birthday! You set a beautiful table and the arrangement is low enough to allow guests to see each other, something many grandiose table settings fail to take into consideration. My DIL is a foodie and always removes flowers from the table (even at my house) to prevent scents from interfering with the gastronomic experience. I don’t quite know what to make of that.

  7. Very belated birthday wishes dear Christina. I have been away too so I am only just catching up. A stunning arrangement and what gorgeous colours. What are the little white flowers?

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