Tuesday view 5th September 2017

OK, I know that it is Thursday today but I did take the photographs on Tuesday so it is the Tuesday view of the garden.  I’m sure Cathy at Words and Herbs will forgive me.

I took the photographs at about 7pm and you can see that the sun is at a very low angle; it is getting dark so early already; that’s one side of approaching autumn I definitely don’t like.

Tuesday view 5th September 2017

We’ve had a couple of days with thunderstorms meaning that many plants are looking a lot less stressed.

Moving forward a little

Sedum Purple Emperor is just beginning to open its pail pink buds

This will be the last post showing this view.

The plants change very little in this view; part of the design plan so that it looks acceptable even in summer and has form, texture and colour interest for most of the year.

Next week I’ll be in the UK, I have tickets for lecture by Monty Don (presenter of BBC’s Gardeners’ World for my non British readers)  You can see the programmes on You Tube in good quality if you are interested.

From the 19th September the Tuesday view will be the Left hand border for which I really must come up with a better name.  After this intensely hot summer I have decided to re-plant much of this border so that it will look better during the summer when it is visible from the east side of the terrace (where we often have breakfast).

This will be the new Tuesday View from 19th September

I’ll introduce the border properly next time and tell you my plans for it.

Do visit Cathy if you haven’t already.


27 thoughts on “Tuesday view 5th September 2017

  1. The light really is lovely on those grasses and catching all the different hues of green. This view has been attractive all summer in my eyes. I am sure you will have lots of good ideas for the new view as well. (Maybe some I can copy too! 😉 ) Hope the lecture by Monty Don is interesting. I like him and his style of gardening very much, but have stopped watching Gardeners’ World since they extended it to an hour with lots of (in my opinion) cheap gap-fillers.

  2. A new project! I look forward to seeing what you do with the “new” border. Enjoy your lecture! I regularly watch Gardener’s World and other British garden shows on YouTube – US television has little to nothing to offer on garden topics.

  3. Oh your garden glows most gently in the evening light Christina and almost seems to come alive in your photos. I hope that you enjoy Monty’s lecture. Is it tied up with his forthcoming new book?

    • I’ve looked at the temperatures for next week in N Devon and the highest is 16 C. That’s pretty cold for me. Even night time lows haven’t been as low at that since spring! But I’m sure I’ll have a good time.

  4. Christina you enjoy your trip to UK and the conference. I love the light in the photos, it gives special colors. I will miss this area of your garden that I have always seen beautiful, especially the Cypress and Rosmary that have always been green and erect. Its plants look a little greener: it makes a lot of difference in the purple Sedum “Emperor”. Last week it was dry and wrinkled and now it is fresh and full of life. I hope it continues to rain even in the form of a storm. At least going to UK will serve you up for fresh air! Greetings from Margarita.

  5. Despite the approach of darker evenings I find there is something comforting in the accompanying awareness of the seasons continued rolling around, if you see what I mean! I look forward to seeing your new Tuesday view as I have always enjoyed peaks at this border. Hope you enjoy your UK visit (despite the ‘low’ temps) and the lecture – I have increasingly come to appreciate Monty’s style of presenting, particularly as he has no problem with expressing his doubts about his garden, just lke the rest of us

    • Monty was great although the ‘conversation’ wasn’t very clever but he knew what we wanted to hear about so it was a great evening. We were told that he was paid between £6,000 and £8,000 – for a couple of hours work – nice!

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