In a vase on Monday – the season continues

In the week I was away from home enjoying the rain (I’m not being ironic) in Devon the weather has changed in Italy too.

No longer the intense heat of summer but now the pleasant warmth of early autumn AND it has rained!  I have become so accustomed to having flowers in the house that my first thought was to pick some flowers for a vase; so these were picked on Saturday but not arranged until Sunday.Cathy at Rambling in the Garden doesn’t mind if we prepare our vases before Monday although that is when I usually do mine.

The star of the vase today is Dahlia Magenta Star.  Its growth has been different this year; when I planted it three years ago as a tiny tuber purchased from Lidl in a mixed pack of summer bulbs I hardly expected it to grow it was so small but that first year it must have produced about 150 huge blooms; last year there were fewer flowers but they were still large.  This year, maybe because the bed has more  plants in it and I haven’t fed the soil or the plants or because the frost knocked back the first growth to emerge, there have been far fewer blooms and most have been smaller but suddenly now the plant is covered in blooms and they are the size I remember.

In a vase on Monday

With all the rain some of my Sedum are flopping; one was covering another plant so I decided to cut it and add it to the vase.

Dahlia Magenta Star, Sedum

In another silver vase

The Sedum in my second vase were from cuttings taken last year.  Yesterday I planted them into the border but thought it best to remove the heavy flower head.

More Dahlias

Do visit Cathy at Rambling in the garden to see more autumn (or spring) vases.

34 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – the season continues

  1. What an amazing colour that dahia is, even though it is hardly magenta! The ‘Michaelmas daisies’ and sedum are perfect accompaniments, along with the white dahlia. I am amazed at how well sedums grow from cuttings although from what I can see in your second vase mine haven’t grown as much as yours! What is the ‘paper vase’ in the background? I have a card one which I haven’t used yet, but one of these days I will …!

  2. Gorgeous arrangements! Dahlias are wonderful cut flowers and you’ve used them well. Love the first silver container especially. I’m glad that rain has returned to our area but I will miss the warm, sunny days of summer.

  3. So glad the weather has turned more favorable, I know it was a miserable summer for you.
    Your first vase complements so well the lavender colors of dahlias and asters, and your second, in its fall colors, reminds me that the season is really turning to fall. Very pretty!

  4. How lovey to return to a change in the weather and of course picking flowers. We went from a cool wet summer to a hot and dry beginning to autumn….very strange with trees changing and 80 degree temps. Love the flowers you chose especially the purples dahlia.

    • Thanks Cathy. It is almost strange to be working in the garden with pleasure again when it is hot I am just exhausted all the time. The asters left in the garden are opening more flowers now I think they might look very pretty in s vase on their own.

  5. What a great combination of colors and textures in the first vase with Dahlia Magenta Star and Sedum. The second vase is also quite striking. I admire all the wonderful vases you feature with your bouquets!

  6. Christina is very glad that it has rained and the weather has changed. The Dahlia “Magenta Star” is beautiful as its color. I love how it combines with the Sedum. The two glasses are gorgeous, but I’ll stick with the first one. I’m glad the temperature is right now. Greetings from Margarita.

  7. the weather gods have it in for us, plunging from blistering heat directly to blustery rain storms. hoping for some of the lovely transitional stuff before winter closes in. the dahlias can make a vase, especially in your hands.

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