In a vase on Monday – Rain, Thunder and Sunny days

Everything is growing again in the garden, more rain (a lot during the night) means that most plants are looking rejuvenated and are producing more flowers.  So there was lots to pick for In a Vase on Monday hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

The Aster (no name) that I used last week has masses and masses of flowers so it just had to be used again today.  I again chose to add Dahlias but different colours to last week and a different vase.

For the kitchen I re-used the Sedum from last week and added a couple of large orange dahlias and some lime green Zinnia

In a vase on Monday


The Dahlias above and below are on the same plant but at different stages of flowering



The Dahlia above was new this year; it hasn’t produced many flowers but I’m hoping that next year it will produce more

The vase includes several stems of white Dahlia and some White Zinnia

With my thanks to Cathy; do visit if you haven’t already there always many links to other vases from around the world.

30 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Rain, Thunder and Sunny days

  1. The spikey dahlia in its pinker version looks like a sea anemone, waving its tentackes around, doesn’t it?! what a lot of blooms and buds there are on your asters… I am definitely swayed to try them again 😉 Thanks for sharing and good luck with your on-going projects, which I hope are going well

    • Not quite ready for the big reveal; but progress is being made. I was away at the weekend in Sienna where I suddenly realised I was choosing to stand in the sun rather than the shade – now that does show that the weather has changed.

  2. Christina are beautiful your two vases. The one in the kitchen is small but with some lovely orange Dahlias. The large vase is beautiful, with its dahlias cactus so splendid that they match so well with the Asters. I love. I am glad for the rain that continues to fall and the climate so benign that it has. Enjoy your beautiful garden! Greetings from Margarita.

  3. I love the soft colors of the second vase in particular, Christina. I’ve always wanted to create a bed composed of lavender and peach-flowered blooms – it’s one of my favorite color combinations.

    • It isn’t a combination I would have planned, but you’re right, it really works well. In a way that is one of the plus points of growing flowers to cut, you can be surprised by new combinations

  4. Lovely to see your garden growing again Christina…..and what wonderful vases. We both are using asters this week although I do not have any dahlias growing sadly.

  5. So nice to see such beautiful flowers coming out of the garden, and glad to hear there’s been more rain.
    Do you happen to have a name for the spidery, color changing dahlia? Mine looks very similar yet I never had an ID for it. I’ve grown it for years.

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