In a Vase on Monday – Aster, stars of this season

Cathy of Rambling in the garden challenges us each Monday to pick flowers from our gardens to place in a vase to enjoy in our homes.  It is also a very accurate way of seeing what is flowering well each week as only the most prolific blooms will be picked from the garden or from the beds many of us have decided to dedicate to cut flowers.

As I mentioned before the Aster (sorry, no ID) that I am using again today has grown in the most amazing way this year; having never been much more than 80 cm, this year it is above 1.5 m, it is still covered with flowers and although I have cut many huge stems the plant looks as if it hasn’t had any stems taken at all.

In a vase on Monday

I know the vase needs more height to be better balanced but I am enjoying the profusion of Aster stars anyway.

Asters, Dahlias and Zinnias are the stars of both my arrangements this week

Zinnia ‘Giant Purple Prince’ I think although not very purple!

Dahlia from a mixed pack of un-named whites planted three years ago is producing more flowers this year

I picked so many stems, I placed all the unused stems in another vase.

This smaller vase, sitting on the mantle shelf, has all the stems I didn’t use in the first vase

I told Frank at Sort of like suburbia that I thought this was D. Procyon but looking again it might be D. Ludwig Helfert

With my thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme.  As much as I love having cut flowers in the house, I do sometimes wonder if I would actually have flowers ALL the time without this Monday morning incentive.  Have a lovely week everyone.

42 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Aster, stars of this season

    • I’ve never seen any of my Asters look better or bigger than these this year. I have other Asters in parts of the garden with little irrigation; they survive but don’t really flower. I think I should more them to the cut flower beds so I can at least have some flowers to enjoy even if they don’t add to the borders.

  1. As soon as asters srated appearing in people’s vases I rue not getting any myself – perhaps I need to get them NOW!! Your vase is an absolute cloud of mauves and pinks – so what’s not to like?! 🙂 And the position of the zinnias in the second vase are perfect for the shape of it and allow the other blooms to fill in between. Both very lovely so thanks for sharing

  2. Christina I totally agree…asters are the stars in your vases…and in my garden… of my top favs for sure! Love these vases.

  3. I adore your aster and, if you ever do identify it, you’ll have to let us know. My asters (S. chilensis and S. frikartii ‘Monch’) have been more prolific this year but they’re wispy my comparison with yours. They do seem to be spreading, though…

  4. How wonderful – the asters are fabulous aren’t they! I wonder why they grew so tall this year. I gave some of mine the Chelsea chop, but they have almost caught up with the others! Do you give them some kind of support in the garden? They look wonderful in both vases with pretty pastel colours. 🙂

  5. We used to call those Siberian Asters, very tall and blue, easy to grow. A favorite passalong in the Deep South. I got mine from my perennials teacher in college. Love those arrangements especially with the Cactus Dahlias.

    • that’s interesting; I don’t think I’ve ever seen wild Asters here in Lazio which has a similar climate. Do you have any photographs by any chance, I’d love to see them.

      • I do in fact have some photos, but on closer inspection I agree that they are perhaps not asters after all. I think perhaps they are chicory? Happy to send you a picture if you drop me a line at the email address in my ‘The Gardener’ page.

  6. Christina I love the arrangement with the Asters: they are gorgeous. The other bouquet is also gorgeous with Asters. It is a flower for me essential at this time of year. Zinnias and Dahlias are beautiful. Happy week for you too. Greetings from Margarita.

  7. That is just so glorious. I have got so behind with my postings and reading recently. Family pressures here I’m afraid, from both ends of the age spectrum. Have missed seeing your flowers. Back now 🙂 x

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