Tuesday View 3rd October 2017

Cathy at Words and Herbs is a day late posting her weekly meme; I’m late posting too, but the images were taken yesterday (Tuesday) so I am entitled to call it my Tuesday view.

The weather is glorious at the moment; warm sunny days with cool mornings and evenings but so far not cool enough to require any heating in the house.  The amount of dew on the ground in the mornings is staggering.  I turned the irrigation off last week and am only watering new planting and some of the winter vegetables.

The view hasn’t changed since last week; I have been moving plants from other borders to make space for what needs to be moved from the LHS border so that I can replant it.  Hopefully I will complete that this week.

Tuesday View 3rd October 2017

A month of cooler weather and some rain means the border looks fresh and it will seem hard to remove some plants that are at last flowering and looking their best!

Hemerocallis to be moved

I plan on this border having predominantly silver foliage so all this green will have to go

Starry flowers of Sedum

All the Sedums will stay, I love their starry blooms as do the bees and butterflies.

I harvested the pomegranates and I’m using them in salads

The image below isn’t part of the Tuesday view but it is the view I’m enjoying most this week; yesterday the large Bay at the back of the garden was pruned; it hasn’t been cut back properly for a couple of years and had grown very straggly.  Now it has a crisp outline, it adds so much structure to the garden.

The newly clipped Bay

Do check on Cathy’s post.  Why not join in, it’s a good way to follow a section of your garden through the year.

18 thoughts on “Tuesday View 3rd October 2017

  1. Christina, I’m so glad you have such a good weather. The garden is full of life and seems to be spring. In the beautiful photos you see no sign of Autumn. The bay has been beautiful after trimming it. The flowers of Sedum are great. Have a great week. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. Hi Christina. The bay looks quite impressive! The Pomegranite harvest too. You have got a lot of work to do with all that greenery to remove, but it seems you have the perfect weather for being outdoors now. Have fun!

  3. I’m glad you’ve had a spell of great weather – and moisture! It’s been nice here too, but we’re headed into yet another warm-up as the weekend grows closer. Your freshly clipped bay looks splendid!

  4. All change with your plants Christina – you are moving things around far more than I am! A silver leafed border sounds most effective – oh, and is that sedum really as pinky/lilac as it looks in the photo? Good to hear that your weather is more conducive to gardening too.

    • Yes, the Sedum is just like the image. I thought it was the common S. September Charm (or something like that!). All the Sedums in the bed will stay as they always look so good. I have a white one in another bed which is being overgrown by other plants so I’ll probably add that too.

  5. I love seeing the views of your garden! I am glad you included the last image with the newly clipped bay. It is a view I am not as familiar with, and it looks great. And what a nice crop of pomegranates! I haven’t eaten a pomegranate in years; they are a rare treat in markets here.

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