In a vase on Monday – White or Pink

I’m preparing my ‘In a vase on Monday’ post on Sunday as I have an early dental appointment tomorrow and I wanted some lovely flowers to come home to.

Again Asters are the stars of my first vase this week but this time the haze of tiny white stars of A. ‘Monte Casino’ form the structure of the arrangement; White Dahlias of various varieties and White Zinnias are all that were needed.

In a vase on Monday

White Dahlias and Aster ‘Monte Casino’

White Dahlias and Aster ‘Monte Casino’ and White Zinnias

Pink Dahlias and spent flower heads of lemon basil with some Asparagus fronts were all that was needed for my second vase.

With thanks to Cathy for hosting, have a lovely week, everyone.  Do visit to see many vases from around the world.

28 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – White or Pink

  1. Love the frothiness of the white vase, Christina – so well balanced and such a proliferation of blooms – but the dahlias in the second vase are such a pretty shade of pink. Do you know what they are? Hope your appointment goes OK!

  2. The proportions of both vases is spot on Christina and the flowers look so fresh. The white arrangement really speaks to me this morning. The dahlias are divine and A. ‘Monte Casino’ provides softness and structure at the same time. Lovely. Glad the dentist visit went well. Have a fun week.

    • thanks Susie, I think I’m improving with the proportions of my vases, to a large extent by studying yours. The flared vase with the square base and round top is the perfect shape; I will look for more in this shape in different sizes and perhaps some not in glass.

    • I especially love white flowers near the terrace as they almost glow at night. They can be good in a spot that catches some light too, adding another dimension to the garden. In a vase I think they always look fresh and spring-like.

  3. The pink arrangement is lovely but, I love white arrangement! It reminds me of a moon garden and the frothiness of the Aster is spot on. Those little flowers add so much interest to a Fall garden are amazing bee magnets.

  4. Love that white cactus dahlia – the whole frothy-white arrangement would be perfect for a wedding or christening – purity and light. 🙂
    I like how the pink flowers pink up the pink opalescence in your second vase. Lovely!

  5. Your bouquet is worthy of a bride, Christina, just stunning. Monte Casino is growing in my garden too but always sulks a bit in the heat. Such a fine plant though and it makes your vase so frothy and delightful. Good luck for your appointment xx

  6. I love that frothy white concoction – it speaks of the light that comes with autumn. I hope you’re continuing to enjoy pleasant weather, Christina. The heat keeps turning on and off here – it’s back on today.

  7. Christina the white vase is special for the Aster “Monte Casino” which being such small stars give an ethereal feel to the bouquet in white. Zinnias and white Dahlias are precious. The pink vase is beautiful for its pink Dahlias and its asparagus fronts, which gives a bouquet of air to the bouquet. I’m so glad you did very well at the dentist. Greetings from Margarita.

  8. I love the white frothiness but then the pink is fantastic too. The fronds and asters give a lovely airiness. I saw an article about the owner of The White Company who’s only ever has white flowers in her house. They looked great and I am a fan but I need lots of colour too for variety.

  9. The white vase is absolutely gorgeous Christina – beautifully put together and such a lovely combination. The white asters are excellent for filling out the arrangement and adding more colour as well as volume. Love it! 🙂

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