In a vase on Monday – The days are changing but not the vases, yet!

It has been an odd day.  To begin, when I opened the shutters this morning when I got up, it was pretty much still dark – when did that happen?!!!  The clocks change here next Sunday which will mean that it is lighter, earlier at least for a while, but the down side is that it will be dark earlier in the evening; there is no denying that winter is on its way.

Then at nine, the power went off; I hadn’t been out for a couple of days so I hadn’t seen the warning signs from the electricity company . so no internet, no light but worst of all NO WATER; all our water comes from a well and arrives via an electric pump.   So I wasn’t able to do several jobs in the garden that I’d planned as water was needed to irrigate re-positioned plants.

I had intended to pick some of the first Chrysanthemums for my vase today but no water for the vase!

So I’ll share instead the two vases I prepared for the weekend.

In a vase on Monday

This is, again, the dahlia that came in a mixed pack of bulbs from Lidl, three years ago; it was so small and dried out that I didn’t expect it to survive let alone grow to produce so many flowers each year.

There are 14 of this dahlia in the vase and there are already another 3 ready to be picked since Friday

I used only the Dahlia and Asparagus fern

The watering system to the Asparagus bed has been working much better this summer and I can hardly believe all the growth on the plants.  Plenty to use for vases and hopefully providing energy to the crowns so that they produce a big crop next year – and to think I was about to pull them all out 18 months ago!

The White Dahlia is also producing an incredible number of flowers do a second vase was called for

There are three different white Dahlias, white Zinnias and just because they needed picking some yellow tinged dahlias and a pale creamy-yellow daisy flowered plant that I have no ID for

The creamy daisy was given to me by a ‘friend’ who didn’t warn me of its thuggish tendencies.  It spreads by underground runners and is trying to take over one end of the cut flower border in the vegetable garden.  I thought I’d managed to remove it all last year, but no!!!  Of course if it wasn’t getting irrigated it might not be so much of a problem.

It was a combination I wouldn’t have searched for but is very successful and will certainly do again

I added a few stems of Verbena bonariensis for a little contrast.

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden is away this week, but as ever she has still posted, do visit to see vases from around the globe.

Oh, and the power came back on at 3pm.  It was also positively cool today with the sun not warming up until the afternoon.


41 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – The days are changing but not the vases, yet!

  1. Love, love those purple Dahlias! I am getting some tubers today and the experiment will begin ‘Growing Dahlias in South Florida’ We started out with well water and got city water a few years ago. I understand, you realize how much you depend on water when the power is off!

  2. Oh Christina my jaw dropped when I read of your morning and then to see these vases oh my! That first one made my heart swoon with the color….and the second was such a feast for the eyes. Yes winter is coming but I’ll take late fall first as the sky darkens early….our clocks change the first Sunday in November and that will be sad to see dark descend so early.

    • You’re right it isn’t winter yet, but the dark evenings and mornings are a strong reminder that there is no stopping the changing seasons. I am enjoying autumn so much this year, I don’t really want it to end.

    • Even when I know the power is off I still go to turn on a tap or a hose, just forgetting so easily that there won’t be any water! No water is the worst, especially when I haven’t had any warning so hadn’t filled bowls and buckets and jugs to have just some water. I did a couple of jobs that made my hands dirty and I was reduced to rinsing them in bottled water!

  3. You know I think both vases are pretty but the first one is awesome (you know how much I like simplicity), the frothy fennel is making the dahlias look almost ethereal. Hope you’ll be back to normal soon. Ah, the changing clock…can’t say I’m looking forward to it. You know I just came in after a lovely swim, leaves falling, soft night. I’m still in summer mode 😉

  4. Those dahlias are so pretty Christina. What a great buy they were! The second vase is lovely too. Thank goodness your electricity/water came back on in the afternoon!

  5. I still love that dahlia and it looks fantastic with the asparagus. I’ve never seed one quite that colour. I love all the whites too, they are very beautiful all together.

  6. Both vases are wonderful, Christina! Are the dahlias in that first vase really as lavender in color as they appear in your post? It’s a glorious color and fits your silver vase perfectly. And the white, cream and yellow combination is so fresh. I’ve got a shortage of white flowers in my garden right now, which is unfortunate as it’s so useful in balancing other combinations.

    I hope your power outage is short. Ours, which are surprisingly frequent here, usually run a good 12 hours. We finally purchased a propane generator to keep at least some things (like our fridge) running during outages. I’d go mad if they affected our water supply too.

    • The Dahlias are probably just a little darker than in the images, they are slightly bleached by the bright sunshine. 12 hours without power is a long time Kris; this was planned for work on overhead cable lines – unfortunately I just didn’t see the notices that had been put up.

    • You wouldn’t believe how many times I went to turn a tap on without thinking! Having dirty hands for much of the day wasn’t great either, I was reduced to washing them in bottled water!

  7. What a lovely shade of purple that dahlia is, and an abundant producer by the sounds of it. Going without electricity is very hard once you grow dependent on it. Since storms knocked out our power for 4-5 days a couple of times over the years, we installed a generator. Going without power is a pain, but during a blizzard it can be life-threatening and we’re not getting any younger. 😉

  8. Oh Lidl certainly came good with that dahlia Christina. Sorry to hear that your day didn’t go to plan. Being without water is certainly better if you can plan for it. Thoughts of dark nights crossed my mind tonight when it was already quite gloomy at six. On the plus side we reach that shortest day before the year is out and from then it’s all uphill.

    • Usually winter doesn’t really begin here until after Christmas although we are suddenly in the midst of a very cold north wind. It was 6°C yesterday morning when I went out!

  9. I’ve been behind reading blogs. Love your dahlia and asparagus combination vase. So sensuous and rich. My garden has been overtaken by thugs and I’m having trouble doubling down and tackling them again.

  10. Having no water for IAVOM must be a first! Six hours of unexpected power loss must have been sn unwelcome restriction – at least in the UK we would have had a letter informing us of it in advance… Anyhow, at least it has given us the chance to see blooms from your prolific lilac dahlia – that’s an amazing number of blooms, and all the more so from the original unpromising-looking tuber. Your plan of cutting complete stems of dahlias clearly works, as increasingly I am left mostly with blooms on short floppy side shots – so next year I must begin as I mean to go on, and cut them long from the start. The asparagus foliage is such a useful addition to the vase, providing a pretty haze around it, and your collection of whites still looks so fresh and summery despite it beng the end of October.

  11. Christina what bad without water and without light! Thank God he came back in the afternoon. Here in Spain the time change is on the night of October 31 to November 1, and I do not like anything like you. As for the flowers, the purple dahlias are very beautiful and accompanied by the foliage of the asparagus gives it an ethereal air. It is a magnificent vase. The arrangement of the second vase in white tones with Dahlias and Zinnias is very beautiful and springtime in the middle of October. I love. I love the two bouquets and their flowers. Christina since the end of October I am no longer in my country house. I’m in Madrid. Do not ever cut the light again! Greetings from Margarita.

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