Tuesday View 28th November 2017 plus a few frosty plants

The promised frost arrived during the night.  I awoke to a sparkling, frosty garden.

Tuesday view early morning

Well not that early; about 9 am!  The mistiness is due as much to the bright sun shining into the camera as the light mist that hung around the garden.

I love the shape of the Pampas grass planted last autumn

Tuesday view just after 11 am

There’s more colour in this image as the sun has moved around.  The trees have mostly lost their leaves now; quite different to last week’s view.

Euphorbia mysinites

Almost a hoar frost with such large ice crystals

I was amazed when I saw the size of the ice crystals on these cabbage leaves.  The air must have been wet when the temperature dropped.

Huge ice crystals on cabbage leaves

Tanecetum densum looks like a woolly jumper covered in ice

Have you had frost yet?

Have a good week.

25 thoughts on “Tuesday View 28th November 2017 plus a few frosty plants

  1. Lovely photos! We have had frosts, but not as spectacular as yours… it has recently been just so damp and grey in the mornings that it is not tempting to go out and look at the frost anyway!

  2. Just looking at that first photo made me shiver! I wonder how long it would take me to adapt to winters like that. I’ve been shivering here all this morning and our temperatures weren’t much lower than 60F (15C). The frost creates very pretty patterns – if only it didn’t damage plants!

  3. Christina the mist of the morning is magical in your magnificent photos. A good frost! The Euphorbia mysinites with ice crystals on the leaves is a wonderful photo. The same goes for Tanecetum densum. But poor plants! Cabbage has also suffered theirs with ice. The Winter really came. Keep warm. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. Beautiful photos. Obviously we have plenty of frosty mornings (and days) here as well but I just don’t have an eye for capturing this magic. The garden looks so restful, I bet it’s a pleasure later in the day as the sun warms things up.

  5. Frost makes everything lovely, unless the tender ones turn to mush, that is! I enjoyed your photos. We have had frosts nearly every night for a month so dormancy is here. Once the ground freezes, the snow will come.

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