In a vase on Monday – Advent Crown

I can’t believe that it is already December and yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent.  As we will be at home for Christmas for the first time in many years I am thrilled to be planning on bringing lots of greenery into the house to make it feel truly festive. So no vase today to join with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden but an Advent Crown.

I wouldn’t pretend that I am religious but I do love tradition; one of the aspects of living in Italy is that there are so many traditions.  I find it very comforting that some things haven’t changed in centuries.

I picked the material on Saturday as heavy rain had been forecast on Sunday – a quick shower was all that happened in the end but that is the story of the forecast this year!

Advent Crown, from above

Mostly foliage

I used Senecio, Myrtle for fragrance, Cypress, Pistacia lentiscus and Arbutus unedo

Red fruits from Arbutus – I don’t think they will stay attached very long so may have to be replaced with fake berries

I sprayed some seed heads of garlic chives gold

As you can see in the background, last week’s pink Chrysanthemums are still surviving but I don’t think they suit the festive season so they’ll be added to the compost heap today.

In a vase on Monday

Do visit our hostess Cathy to see what others have chosen for their vases today; I rather think they may be several Advent Crowns

41 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Advent Crown

  1. I like how you have kept tradition but have used original and local materials. The Senecio and Arbutus look especially nice. I have found all my red and white Christmas arrangements look garish in the intense sun we have at this time of year, so maybe a mixture of greens and muted silvers like the Senecio will be a better way to go. Happy beginning of the festive season!

    • Thanks Cath, I know just what you mean by intense sun. I saw Senecio used by Elephants Eye a few years ago; I admit I’d never thought of using it in Christmas arrangements but it always works perfectly. It has a very long vase-life too as an added bonus.

  2. How sumptuous that looks Christina – I was wondering what the flowers were as they add a nice sparkle to the overall effect. I have collected various allium heads with the intention of spraying some but they are mostly christophii so too big for wreaths or crowns! The arbutus berries are perfect in the crown and it is a shame they are unlikely to last long – have you not got enough on the plant to replace them as they drop?

    • There a quite a lot of the Arbutus fruits but they aren’t in a great condition due to the frosts. I don’t mind adding in some fake berries. I will go out to see what I can find in the area too, there should be rose hips if the birds haven’t eaten them.

      • Ah, I could have included rose hips in mine too, thinking about it – Parkdirector Riggers is always smothered in them. The birds don’t seem bothered

  3. Pretty and festive, Christina! You’ll have to let us know how the Arbutus berries work out in the arrangement – I’ve never tried using them that way. I’m looking forward to decorating for Christmas too but, as strong winds and single digit humidity is expected this week, I’m holding off on any purchases of greens for awhile yet.

  4. The Senecio is an excellent plant for the silver effect, and I love those garlic flowers sprayed gold! It looks lovely Christina. Did you have a special base for it? They sell straw rings here which can be used for wreaths or crowns.

  5. Christina her advent wreath is magnificent. I really like the contrast of green foliage with Senecio and golden garlic. The fruits of the Madroño give the color and the Myrtus communis the fragrance. The candles are beautiful. Happy Advent Greetings from Margarita.

  6. I absolutely love it. Not sure I have seen an Advent crown before. Contrast of seasonal colors and textures perfect. Southern ladies spray everything gold here, it is wonderful. Hope it lasts!

  7. that looks awesome christina – and it will look particularly stunning in the sunshine you have. Cathy’s door wreath reminded me to book a local wreath-making course. I’ve got a solitary fuchsia in my vase, but mostly I talked about star wars 😉 Have a lovely week and I’m looking forward to seeing your wreath and other Christmas decorations. Love Bec xx

  8. Your Advent Crown is lovely and demonstrates your considerable talent for floral (or in this case, foliage) arranging. I like how you sprayed the seed heads gold. Great idea! Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas season!

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