In a Vase on Monday – More seasonal decorations

Continuing the Christmas theme for my offerings this week to Cathy at Rambling in the garden‘s weekly meme of finding material in our gardens or surroundings to bring into the house to enjoy.

As this is the first Christmas for many years that we’ve spent at home I wanted to go a little overboard with bringing greenery into the house.

I decided against a wreath outside as I’d already made the advent crown which would have been very similar so decided on a very simple tied swag using Bay and Rosemary for a welcoming perfume and some Cypress for variety of foliage form.

Swag waiting to be hung on the wall by the back door

As you can see from the above image, today is very sunny but we had a huge amount of rain on Friday and hail on Saturday.  The hail produced large pieces of ice some of which remain in the garden this morning.

In a vase on Monday

The whole sideboard is topped with, in the centre the previously shown Advent Crown, and on either side more foliage in the form of bay, rosemary, Cypress and holly oak (Quercus ilex).  I added a few faux golden pears and lots of candles.

Cheap vase sprayed silver

Our hostess Cathy suggested some time ago that I try spraying a vase with silver paint as I mentioned that I liked silver vases with many different types of blooms.  With some silver spray to hand for spraying Allium seed heads I decided to try with one of the very cheap Ikea vases.  I am most impressed with the results and may try other vases at a later date.

I used red and white candles and a few golden pears

The Advent Crown sits in the middle of further evergreen foliage on either side

As we begin the week leading up to Christmas may I wish you all the very best the season can bring.

24 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – More seasonal decorations

  1. Your swag is lovely Christina, and it is important to bring greenery into our homes at this time of year – I believe our ancestors thought they were giving shelter to the spirits of nature by doing so, or something like that!

  2. Oh I am so glad you tried spraying vases, Christina – and I am glad it was successful. I must look out spray paint myself as I have allium heads waiting to be painted – Christmas will have been and gone at this rate! I like the idea of a simple swag like yours and I might have one in the kitchen. Yours looks so effective and I love the abundance of your mantlepiece too – I definitely need to add some candles to ours as I can see how it adds another dimension. Thanks for triggering all these ideas and reminders, Christina!

    • I’ve been meaning to try spraying a vase since you suggested it ages ago; but I think maybe the spray paint wasn’t around until Christmas! As I mentioned I might try distressing it a bit as it is almost too perfect.

  3. Christina the dresser decoration is magnificent. I love the Advent wreath in the center and how you have added the bay, rosemary, cypress and holly to the sides. The silver vases have been great and with the candles are beautiful. I love the golden pears and all the red candles you’ve put. It must smell great. It is a very beautiful and cozy Christmas decoration. Christina I congratulate Christmas to you and your family. That is very happy and endearing. Merry Christmas!. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. Your sideboard looks wonderful, Christina. Candles and greens look so well together. I wish I had lots of bay and rosemary to hand… your handiwork must smell lovely. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  5. I do love those evergreens, but I have to put off bringing them into the house till the last minute- they dry out quite a lot above the fire. I am working on gold seedheads! You are an inspiration!

  6. I love all that foliage. I hardly have anything evergreen in the garden of a size to cut, (except the bays and they are so clipped that there is no spare material there.) Your home must look and smell delightful. The silver vase looks very well in the arrangement too.

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