21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Crab Apples

  1. How intriguing – is there much birdlife in your garden? What birds do you get? The blackbirds got through all of ours during the recent cold weather – but weren’t interested during the really cold spell at the end of November

    • There are quite a lot of birds in the garden but as most people here don’t grow crab apples the birds have been very slow to try them. Sardinian warblers sometimes eat some in late winter but I usually still have fruit when the new buds arrive. I have been known to cut them off then as they spoil the look of the glorious blossom.

      • And one might think the colour would attract them, particularly in a very cold spell. I can see why you might pick them off if they are still theirwhen the buds arrive – I found myself picking lingering leaves off my witch hazels once the flowers opened 😉

    • Hi Kris, I’ve been trying to leave a comment on your yesterday’s post without any success at all. Here’s what I said “It has been a brutal year weather-wise for so many places, Kris; I can imagine your joy at the first signs of rain; I felt the same this week when we had a whole day of light rain and a couple of heavy showers on Tuesday; yesterday was gloriously warm and sunny and today it is overcast with possible (but not likely) showers. It is such a shame your beautiful tree has lost its blooms; it’s good you picked some to enjoy indoors!”
      Just wanted to let you know there was a problem

  2. The crab apple tree is a beautiful ornamental for the winter garden. We saw one in a botanical garden near us but the apples were yellow perhaps not as catching as your red ones. Amelia

  3. Wow! Such a pretty tree laden with crabapples in January! My grandmother had a similar tree that produced huge amounts of fruit, and I loved their tart flavor. I am not sure whether the birds or I ate more of them.

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