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I’m a day late joining Cathy at Rambling in the garden for her weekly meme where she challenges us to find material in our own gardens to bring into our homes to enjoy.  I was away from home yesterday; we had been to Viareggio in Tuscany to see the Carnival parade.  It was bitterly cold on Sunday and is not much warmer today.

Last week’s vase was still hanging on when I arrived home yesterday.  More Tulip Van Eijk  had been added as they opened their buds.  This is another tulip that has become a firm favourite.  I had limited choice when I bought my tulips from a local DIY store but two of them will certainly be on the list when I order bulbs next year.

Tulip Van Eijk

Tulip Van Eijk

Tulip Van Eijk grew very large heads after they were picked and I loved that their interiors were a darker pink than outside.

Tulip Van Eijk

Tulip Van Eijk

Even better they held onto their petals as they faded, and remained upright in the vase.  They faded beautifully, always a sign of a great tulip.

Tulip Van Eijk

Coloured like faded silk with many subtle shades of colour

Tulip Van Eijk

Today’s vase is much less subtle!  Tulip Rococo (as the pack was labelled) should be a parrot tulip so this is a little disappointing.  They look like common red tulips to me.  They have been ready to be picked since the middle of last week, but as the weather was cold with little sun I left them in the greenhouse until this morning.  They were tightly closed when I picked them but opened fully as soon as they came into the house.

In a vase on Monday Tulip Rococo

If they had opened for Christmas their red colour combined with the dark green foliage of Viburnum tinus would have been a very welcome sight.

Tulip Rococo

If you haven’t already visited Cathy, please do, there are lots of inspiring vases showing that there is always something to be found, picked and enjoyed.

I hope you have a great week.


44 thoughts on “In a Vase on Mon… Tuesday

  1. The gradual fading of Van Eijk makes them even more attractive – and wonderful to have them in such quantity in a vase! I am pleased to say that only do I have some of this variety from a mixed Aldi pack from a few years ago that have come back every year since then, Ibut I laso added some last year to the shrub border and I realise now that some of my belated bargain bulb purchases in December include Van Eijk as well…my appetite is well and truly whetted after seeing yours in recent weeks! What a disappointment your ‘Rococo’ must have been – defintely mislabelled 🙂 The imposters still make a bright splash and look very striking with the viburnum foliage. Thanks for sharing – and I look forward to more of your tulips next week!

    • You may have to wait a little longer for the next tulips. Daydream are slowly flowering and I like them a lot but they are only opening their buds in ones and twos so there won’t be a vase full of them but I would buy them again as they are a wonderful colour. I cut the Van Eijk right down at the bulb so they won’t be planted out but I will definitely order them for next year.

      • No dilemma for you when deciding whether to keep potted tulips for another year. I did keep mine over winter then decided against replanted them, deciding it wasn’t worth the effort and compost if they didn’t flower, and composted them instead!

  2. I agree…tulips are beautiful even when they fade and your Tulip Van Eijk is particularly stunning as it fades. Interesting that the red tulips were labeled as parrot tulips. Still a lovely spring red to brighten up winter.

    • The mis-labelled tulips were in a small pack with the cost associated with the parrot type so I am disappointed but they are as you say a bright splash of colour on a miserable day.

  3. I would buy some Van Eljks if I could figure out what to do with them – after seeing yours. My mother used to grow tulips like the red ones and called them cottage tulips, they were the only ones that would return in her garden. I enjoyed seeing them, even if the aren’t Rococo.

  4. The vase of ‘Van Eijk’ tulips looks most elegant Christina especially lit up by that silver foliage. It’s intriguing how some flowers fade more pleasingly than others. It looks as if you’ve got a winner there. It’s hard to imagine that there will be tulips in flower relatively soon as it’s been snowing here all morning so it’s especially good to gaze upon yours.

  5. Hi Christina, your technique of displaying tulips above underlying foliage really supports and highlights the flowers well. The red tulips make a nice splash. I love the graceful way Van Eijk is aging.

  6. Your tulips always make me smile, Christina. I can understand why you’re disappointed that you didn’t get parrot tulips but the red tulips are still wonderful. I’ve been on the look-out for the pre-sprouted tulips the local garden centers have sold for the past couple of years but they’ve yet to make an appearance (although I did pick up 3 bearded Iris in tiny pots sold already sporting foliage yesterday).

    • It has been so cold here this winter that my bearded irises have lost almost all their foliage. The tulips in the garden will be earlier this year because the autumn was so cold they got their chill period very early. I would enjoy some of your sunshine and warmth!

  7. Christina I hope you had a good time on your trip to Tuscany. The Van Eijk Tulips I love how they have opened completely and have shown all their inner beauty, changing their color slightly and looking like silk. And how they have grown! It is a wonderful variety. The Rococo tulips with the foliage background of the Viburnum look good even if they are open. Here in Madrid it has been snowing from Friday night until Sunday around 10:00 p.m. Cars and gardens full of snow, and sidewalks. 50 years ago it did not snow like that in Madrid. Where I have the country house takes 6 days snowing without stopping, with blizzard and a lot of cold, which will turn the snow into ice. I can not go because the roads are cut or with chains, and so you can not travel. Sorry for this comment out of tune, but as it says it is cold and it seems that it is going to snow I could not resist. I’m sorry Christina. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • You know I am always happy to hear about your life. I’m sorry it is so cold in Madrid; it is also very cold here, no snow. Take care if you go out, Margarita. Hopefully spring will come soon.

  8. Tulips are so beautiful at all stages of their life cycle. I even like what is left after all of the petals have dropped. The foliage in the Van Eijk bouquet is the perfect foil for the flowers.

  9. I agree about the Christmas-ness of the red tulips and viburnam, and they really are most glamorous. Gut T. ‘Van Eijk’, what a stunner. I see what you mean about the outside being paler than the inside, a really most unusual and charming effect. And those fading petals are glorious. I almost prefer tulips in this senescent stage than at the height of their youth.

  10. I planted a bunch of parrots last fall and you have me worried now. -but they were ordered online and I believe the seller is more reliable than the DIY store tends to be so I’m hoping for the best.

  11. I have ordered Black Parrot and have great hopes, as one planted in the soil last year was stunning, as yet the soil is bare…. I love your faded silk, and the brave red stars. Tulips are wonderful.

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