In a vase on Monday – Thin pickings

I was very much hoping that my Mimosa tree would be in flower to include in today’s vase for Cathy at Rambling in the Garden‘s meme where she asks us to find something in our own gardens or surrounding area to pick and bring into our homes to enjoy.Almost all the Mimosa trees I’ve seen in the last few days have been flowering but mine is shy and so can’t be included today.  The pots of tulips in the garden are also not at the flowering stage except.  However I did pick a couple more of T. Daydream at the end of last week so they will have to be my offering for this week.

Tulip Daydream in various stages of flowering

Tulip Daydream

Tulip Daydream

Tulip Daydream is definitely a tulip I will buy in future years; I’ve already checked and it is on the Peter Nyssen list.  His bulbs are usually larger than some of the DIY store ones I purchased this year.  Also I’ve never had a pot of bulbs where the flowers appeared almost one by one over a period of 2 weeks or so (not what you want when growing to cut for the house).

Last week’s mis-named red tulips have lasted amazingly well especially considering that they were fully open when I picked them last Tuesday.  I would say they are probably Lily-flowered rather than parrot tulips, more obvious now than last week.  They have closed rather than opened their blooms which I don’t remember ever seeing before.

Tulip Rococo or rather probably NOT!

I wonder what you will find for your vase today.  Cathy has been very inventive again, so do visit to see what she  and  other faithful vase makers have done today!

Have a good week.


44 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Thin pickings

  1. Ah the shy Mimosa tree — anticipation is such a part of the gardener’s life. Meanwhile, T. Daydream holds the spotlight well and is a delightful color. I enjoy seeing tulips at their various stages, aging with such grace. Fascinating that the red ones close as they mature. Enjoy your week Christina!

    • Especially at this time of year expectation is everything! It is bitingly cold here today. I wanted to prune the last of the roses but I don’t think I can bare to be outside!

  2. I wonder if there is still a ‘Peter Nyssen’, Christina?! It is interesting to see how differently these two tulips have performed and I am glad that ‘Rococo’ has some redeeming features – the latter look especially lovely because of the quantity so flowering at the same time is an important attribute. The bargain tulips I got in December are pushing their noses through but some of them seem to be mixed up – they were loose in bags in the garden centre so you could pick out what you wanted but you can tell from the leaves that they are not all the same tulip in each pot!

    • I bought locally last year partly because I had thought I might not buy any bulbs at all but then, when I saw them so early in the shop (it was the end of August) I couldn’t resist and it did mean they were in the fridge at least 2 weeks earlier than they would have been if they’d been sent by PN. I’ll order from PN this year because I know I want some of the smaller bulbs as well as tulips but I might just buy a few from the DIY shop to get the early start.

      • Yes, that’s certainly something to take into account. I have never received my PN order earlier than September and although I order in August which is perhaps earlier than some people if we ordered as soon as the catalaogue arrives presumably we would get them delivered earlier

        • One year I ordered as soon as the online order form was available but they still didn’t arrive until the 2nd week in September. Maybe I need to talk to them, they’re always very helpful.

          • That’s interesting – perhaps they don’t start dispatching at all till September. I’m sure it would be worth talking to them as most UK people wouldn’t want to be planting their tulips till much later but if you need to chill them then the earlier you get yours the bettter

  3. Love seeing those red tulips again….but oh T. Daydream is amazing…that color has me swooning and wondering if I can find it. I may try and plant tulips again if I can find a way to protect them from the critters who will eat them to the ground….thanks for bringing them to me today as winter goes on.

  4. Mimosa doesn’t last very long in a vase does it? I think your Not-Rococo tulip is a winner as it stays looking good so long. I just looked Rococo up and I see what you mean. It is lovely. Never mind there’s always next yesr.

    • My Mimosa was only planted a couple of years ago so I don’t think I picked any for a vase last year. People do pick it (unusually) and they use it in restaurants for Women’s Day which is 8th March. So it could be that mine isn’t particularly late but the others are early. There are lots of varieties; some years I’ve seen them flowering before Christmas. I like the red tulip better now I can’t see it’s white interior.

  5. Christina your Daydream Tulips have a wonderful color and in the different stages of flowering they are fantastic, precious. The tulips or red lilies are amazing as they have been completely closed: now they are really beautiful. Here in Madrid tomorrow it snows again, so today it is very cold. Keep the heat. Have a good week too. Greetings from Margarita.

    • It rally feels like it could snow here, but I don’t think it will – I hope not anyway. Stay indoors and keep warm Margarita. Lets hope there is an early spring this year.

  6. I love the color of ‘Daydream’. I’ve been disappointed that I haven’t found any of the sprouted tulips in 6-packs in the garden centers that have carried them in the past but maybe they’ll show up yet before Easter. Of course, our temperatures could be even higher by then! I look forward to seeing your Acacia when it blooms. I’ve been eyeing those plants here and probably would have bought one if I could just find an appropriate spot to plant it.

  7. ‘Daydream’ is surely the stuff dreams are made of…and paintings. Did you see the unveiling of Barak Obama’s portrait with the garden background? Brilliant, say I.

  8. We are on the verge of all the beautiful things. I always enjoy seeing your spring tulips! ‘Daydream’ is gorgeous; I like how the yellow shades into peachy orange.

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