Wednesday with words – Flowers in the snow

Today more of the snow has disappeared but remains is hard crusty ice!  The peas and broad beans remain completely buried under their blanket of snow; the Pak Choi under its cover of fleece looks fine.  More snow is forecast during the night followed by rain and a rise in temperature so hopefully these will be the last of the images of my snowy garden ( I do hope I’m not talking too soon).  All the images were taken yesterday 27th February.

In some places the snow is still quite thick

but in the sun especially where there is gravel it has melted

The cut flower beds with some of the later Narcissus showing their foliage

This Hyacinth seems to have shrugged off the snow

I don’t remember ever seeing icicles here!

Another Hyacinth showing it is tough and can withstand the snow and the cold temperatures

There is a crocus hiding under the Hyacinth foliage!

Most of the Hyacinths planted in 2016 grow with two flower stems

Hopefully the buds on the wisteria which were already beginning to swell have survived the cold. I can also see that the buds on Clematis armandii won’t be long before they open

Keep warm everyone, spring will soon be here.


52 thoughts on “Wednesday with words – Flowers in the snow

  1. Your snow-covered garden is something to behold. The effect really highlights the well-designed structure you planned. Do hope everything is safe underneath. These snowy, flowery scenes with blue sky are so gorgeous Christina. Especially love that dark blue hyacinth. Stay warm and safe.

    • It is very cold but the wind is much less strong than was forecast so it doesn’t seem unpleasant. I’m actually enjoying the enforced time in the house cosy in front of the fire with some newly down-loaded magazines. (Thank goodness for digital magazines and books which mean there is always something to read in English!) The brilliant light outside also lights up inside in a rather special way.

  2. Hyacinths are tough little cookies, aren’t they? I’ve been surprised that they have not only been perennial, but multiply each year. They are good value!

  3. It is something of a shock to see snow in your garden, but it is quite beautiful. I have a fondness for hyacinths, though they don’t repeat successfully here and, like tulips, must be treated as annuals. We are definitely having spring-like weather now. Everything is beginning to bloom. I am holding my breath, because we surely will have a late freeze.

  4. Beautiful pictures Christina. The juxtaposition of hyacinth and snow is pretty and symbolic as well. It looks like your worst temperatures are past, even if a little more snow falls. Rain on the horizon?

  5. Christina your hyacinths have endured well the snow like the wisteria. I found out yesterday that your light went out at night when it was snowing in the Greenhouse. How are the plants? Icicles are a dream. What a pity that tonight it will snow again but if the forecast is met and it rains later, goodbye to the snow. At the same time the temperatures finally rise, I hope for a normal cold. Keep the heat. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

      • I’m glad the plants are fine. Christina yesterday morning all Madrid rose snowed about four cm. All the gardens were with snow all day. Then it started to rain. From today until Monday it will be raining very hard in Madrid, but in my country house today and tomorrow snowing. It is cold despite the rain. Keep the heat. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. The snow really defines the outlines of the garden Christina, and it looks quite magical! Hope it warms up again soon. We are in for another very cold night but the daytime temperature might get above freezing tomorrow!

  7. Pretty as these pictures are, they’re not what I expect to see when I view your garden! As I’m shivering here without any snow on the ground, I can only imagine how you’re feeling (although, as I recall, your house is much better insulated than ours!). The weather has been truly weird all over. We finally got a little rain Monday night and we’re hoping for more tomorrow night.

    • The house is insulated by thick walls but the windows and doors let drafts in. Yesterday evening the temperature was well below zero C and I was huddled by the fire with cashmere wraps and shawls around me. Fortunately the temperature has risen this morning and it really does feel much warmer.

  8. Those brave hyacinths are inspiring, and I love that daring crocus. Achingly cold here, more apparently to come. Hellebores grounded and blasted by the cold winds, Pruning the only viable gardening occupation!

    • It was incredibly cold here too; today it is warmer but is raining now so damp and that makes it feel quite cold anyway. Still snow on the ground but I hope not for much longer.

  9. Some beautiful and surprising snowy pictures. Hope your buried plants have survived. There is a red warning here for heavy snow and wind this afternoon so very few people are about!

    • Lots of the roads are still in a bad state here; everybody is complaining but as it hardly ever snows here I understand why money isn’t spent to have lots of equipment available that would hardly ever be used. Those who would complain about the wasted money are the loudest with their complaints now. Hope you don’t get too much snow. Do post some pictures of what does fall.

  10. It did look nice and thankfully its stay was short!
    Glad there wasn’t much damage. Hopefully the wisteria is fine, that’s one of the plants here which will loose its flowers if the temperature drops too much after buds swell.
    We’re back into snow here as well. I’m hoping sunshine tomorrow and Sunday will begin the melting process since I’m nearly out of birdfood and the birds have been mobbing the feeder all day now that the ground is covered.

  11. I had no idea you would get snow, but how quickly I forget images several winters ago of snow in Calabria and Athens on the coast! We could both use an exchange of weather for a few weeks…24c here. Soon it will melt, so that’s good.

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