In a vase on Monday – More Tulips

After the freezing winds last week I was pleased to see that the greenhouse heater did its job and maintained the temperature at just above zero centigrade.  The tulips in pots are taking much longer to flower than when there is more sun and more warmth to induce them to flowering.

This week’s tulips have looked interesting for some time as they have white edged leaves.  I wasn’t sure if I would like the effect when I bought them but the white markings which continue around the flower head certainly look attractive for much longer than the plain green.  I think these would be good in the garden or in pots on the terrace too so will investigate other colours in this range.

White edged leaves of Tulip China Town

Tulip China Town

Tulip China Town

In a vase on Monday

Below are some images of the other tulip that I’ve been enjoying for the last few days.

Tulip Black Parrot

Tulip Black Parrot

OK, it’s not black but I love the green and purple of this tulip.

Tulip Black Parrot

I think if the bulbs had been larger they would be more impressive.

Tulip Black Parrot

With thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the garden who has changed lives with this popular meme.  What will you find to put in a vase from your garden to put in a vase?

72 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – More Tulips

  1. Oh those tulips are exquisite and so is your vase arrangement. It’s easy to understand how tulip mania came about!

  2. Oh they look opulent..and also edged in white on the leaves and then with the green on the blooms. This is completely new to me…are you trying to start a new sort of Tulip Mania?

  3. I love your arrangement with the one pink tulip amidst all the others. The photos are wonderful, especially the one of China Town. Perhaps I should give it another try and work out a cunning rodent proof container.

  4. I know what you mean about the white edge but in practice it makes these ones look really stylish, unlike a more variegated leaf. But those flaming petals!! Absolutely gorgeous! Black Parrot I know already, and also very pretty. As always, this vase is perfect for tulips and I always like to see it – thanks so much for sharing (and roll on the apppearance of my own tulips!)

  5. This week’s tulips are stunning. I love the white edged leaves and the variegation of the flowers. And watching the Black Parrot unfold and flower is stunning. I love watching tulips flower and fade. I wish I could grow them without them being invaded by several critters who love to dine on them. I may still try this fall.

  6. Just beautiful. ‘Black Parrot’ is one of my favourites, but I haven’t grown it for a while. Lovely in all its stages, and in all lights.

    • It’s the first time I’ve grown Black Parrot and I’ll certainly grow it again. When you grew it was the flower larger than mine. I would choose better quality bulbs next time.

  7. China town has gorgeous foliage which looks very handsome with the flowers. You’ve used both very well in your arrangement! Have you seen the foliage of Tulip ‘Fire of Love?’ It’s so busy by itself that it doesn’t even need a flower.

  8. Your tulips are extraordinary, Christina. I didn’t even know there are tulips with variegated foliage. I hope you get a warm-up soon, encouraging your lovely tulips to arrive en masse.

    • I’ve seen very short varieties with variegated foliage before but never a tall variety. The white edge to the leaf does add a lot of value. Yesterday was very warm Kris, a lovely day but today it rained all day (sorry) and was quite cold but not below freezing.

  9. Christina the Tulips China Town are amazing. The leaves with the white edge and the flower with the green bottom. The colors white and pink are beautiful. It is a really lovely vase. I read in the comments that the white tulip turns pink. Is it like that? The black tulip parrot with its green and violet colors is wonderful. The photos are magnificent. Has the snow already disappeared from everything? It’s because my eyes hurt and I could not read all the comments. I hope temperatures have risen. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Yes, the snow was all washed away by rain on Friday and Saturday. Sunday was a lovely warm springlike day, but today was very wet indeed and the temperatures dropped again but not below freezing. The tulip should turn pink but I am watching carefully because I’m not sure it will.

      • Christina, I’m very glad that you do not have snow anymore. I hope that the temperature drop you are talking about is slight and at most brings rain. You are very kind to clarify the color change of the Chinese town tulip. Greetings from Margarita.

  10. I particularly love China Town, viridifloras always appeal to me. What fun you are having with all your early tulips. I hope the freezing weather hasn’t left you with too much damage.

  11. The images are truly cool, Christina. Like those old Victorian plant studies. They would grace many a frame. Funnily enough, and men are taught not to favour pink, I like ‘China Town’. One for the list.

  12. That’s a fantastic arrangement, I think I like them even more in bud than opened, and never would have thought to do that.
    I have a few which might be China Town in the garden. They’re not a favorite but maybe I just need to bring them inside so they can be admired on their own.

  13. Gosh your tulips are stunning. So beautiful. I particularly love the white and green China Town. It looks so much better in an indoor arrangement. It really suits it. Love your little glass tank. I must try that next time. My tulips are in tight bud. Very delayed by the weather. Keep warm x

  14. Oh ‘China Town’ looks most interesting Christina with the white edging and the flower that morphs from white to pink. A most elegant tulip. Name duly noted – thank you 🙂

    • The white is only very slowly morphing to pink, yet again it could be these aren’t perfect bulbs. No more tulips from my local DIY supplier. Sad really as I’ve been very happy with their Dahlias.

  15. I love the arrangement! I really like the variegation of the tulip leaves, a perfect complement to the flowers. We have so much blooming now, I have to remember we have not passed our last frost date yet – more than a month away! We have had several sub-freezing nights, and a lot of opening buds and tender leaves have been zapped. But spring marches on!

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