In a vase on Monday – one day my prince will come

Every Monday Cathy, from Rambling in the garden, invites us to join her in finding flowers in our own garden to pick and put in a vase to enjoy in our homes.  The meme comes with a warning – it can become very addictive!

I have tulips again today!  This time they have mostly reached flowering stage together.  My tittle refers to the tulips name – Tulip ‘Purple Prince’, he is a very handsome fellow and very tall, certainly taller than any of my other tulips.

Tulip ‘Purple Prince’

I chose my silver glass vase to complement these tall tulips.

They were in the fridge chilling for 135 days and took 54 days from planting to flowering.

Tulip ‘Purple Prince’

Returning to last week’s vase; another case of mistaken identity I fear.  Only one of the buds changed colour from white to pink; all the others remained white which means I might as well have picked them at least a week earlier than I did.

Tulip China Town, the one that was pink last week.

Tulip China Town, one white bud opened with pink colour.

Tulip China Town

All the rest have remained white – not unattractive and I would certainly look for these from a better supplier for next year as I think the white-edged foliage is a plus point.

Some are clearly not Tulip China Town

Do visit Cathy to see what she and other vase fillers from around the world have found today.

56 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – one day my prince will come

  1. How annoying, though the whites are lovely too, if that was what you had planned. The purples are beautiful against the silver and I’m sure they will age beautiful.

    • When I’ve bought my tulips from a supplier in England (Peter Nyssen) I’ve never had an issue with bulbs being mislabelled or growing at very different rates. These bulbs all came from Lidl and a DIY store where I’ve had good results from Dahlias but I wouldn’t buy bulbs from them again.

  2. I love ‘Purple Prince’! And your silver vase. I’m intrigued about them being in your fridge? Is that because they wouldn’t be chilled enough being in the ground where you live?

    • Hi Ali, I chill the tulips so that they will flower early for cutting. My tulips in the garden often flower late because it never (usually) gets cold here until January. This winter has been different and I expect my tulips in the garden to flower earlier than usual – we’ll see! If I was able to put the chilled planted in pots tulips somewhere warmer than my unheated greenhouse I would have blooms much sooner, I may try that next year.

  3. What a wonderful shade these purple tulips are, Christina – and what a shame you have had so many issues with incorrectly labelled bulbs. The flaming white ones are still pretty but not so good if they were not what you wanted them to be. Is 135 days the longest period you kept bulbs in the fridge, and are you beginning to build up a definitive picture of the results? Roll on tulip time here!

  4. Christina your “Purple Prince” Tulips are really beautiful and combine perfectly with your silver glass vase. It is a magnificent arrangement. The China Town Tulips of last week are very beautiful with the tips of their leaves in white. The penalty in which they were mislabelled and a white one turned pink when opened. But they are beautiful even now. I’ve read that you’ve had hail, what’s wrong, and that another storm is approaching: let’s hope it’s only water. Here in Spain we have been raining for two weeks without stopping, except today in Madrid that has not rained and the sun has left for a while. But another storm is coming on us. The weather is crazy! Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Yes I agree Margarita the weather is crazy. I just want winter to go away now and for there to be some lovely spring days. We have had some, Thursday and Friday were lovely, warm enough for lunch in the garden.

  5. Love your prince, dear Christina, and fair play to him for being in time! 🤗 I’m somewhat glad that I’m not the only one who felt a bit “triste” this winter. In any case I’m delighted it’s coming to an end! Happy spring days 🌷

  6. So you indeed have your own experience with mis-labeling or other poor quality control at the grower’s end. Still, ‘China Town’ is pretty in all its color variations , as is ‘Purple Prince’. I saw a few small pots of tulips for sale at a nearby garden center last week but nothing on the order of the offerings available last year; however, maybe our uncomfortably warm January combined with a generally dry winter prevented tulips from reaching local markets here this year.

  7. ‘Purple Prince’ is a fine fellow indeed Christina. Sorry to hear about the mislabeling issue when it came to ‘China Town’. I wonder what the impostor is?

  8. The purple tulips look regal in their silver vase . Silver is a great choice I think. Mild weather here reviving the daffodils and primroses, tho I think the weekend is going to be cold.

  9. Yes, that foliage is really lovely, and it is also nice to have some pale tulips as well as the bolder colours. Purple Prince is a charmer too. 🙂

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