5 minutes of amazing light

Today it has been raining all day, with strong cold winds it wasn’t a day to spend time outside.  Late in the afternoon I watched Friday’s Gardener’s World (available on You Tube; just as the programme finished I noticed it had begun to rain again but that the sun was also shining very brightly just before it went down.  I rushed out with the camera (it was 18.10) to try to capture the amazing light.

The garden looked as if it was being picked out in spotlights against the dark menacing sky; but when I turned around there was blue sky – extraordinary!

Looking across the gravel semi circle


Lighting up the trunks and branches of the trees

The strong evening light throwing shadows of the brick pillars of the terrace onto the trees of the Left Hand Border

Upper Drive border

Upper Drive border

Irises in the Large Island

Tulip Exotic Emperor the first tulip to flower in the garden

I hope you’ve had a good weekend and that the weather was better than it was here.  I’m not really complaining about the rain – we need it!

43 thoughts on “5 minutes of amazing light

  1. Wonderful light , you have captured it well. I love it when I go into the garden and the light is so perfect, you can only stand in awe at such magnificence.
    We are once again under 7 or 8 inches of snow, white everywhere!

  2. Christina the photographs are magnificent and you have captured the light in a wonderful way. Everything in a semicircle of gravel is wonderful because of the chiaroscuros that form the light on the precious plants: it is fantastic against the sky of different blues. In the upper edge of Drive the light is different and the big tree is divine against the sky that seems painted in a palette of blues. The Irises on the big island have an ethereal light: at the bottom where the arches are, the light is so warm that the figures seem to melt; but the Iris look real and beautiful but with a special touch. Tulip Exotic Emperor is a marvel and with the Euphorbia it remains divine: the light makes them even more beautiful. Thank you Christina for immortalizing this magical moment of light and share it with us. I really feel the wind so cold; I hope he leaves soon. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  3. I am so glad you were able to capture some of these moments to share with us, Christina – but even better for you in person ps my Exotic Emperors are just poking their noses out of the soil in their big pot so I still have quite a long wait!

  4. Those photos are stunning Christina, and how wonderful you could capture that light so perfectly. I enjoyed seeing views of your garden as well. I hope you’ll post photos of all those irises when they bloom.

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  6. Beautiful images. You have so much that is of interest in your garden in terms of colour and texture, it’s like a tapestry. What is the tree at the back of the upper drive border? It is lovely.

  7. These are stunning! The colours in the sky are so dramatic – bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! And the patches of sunlight. And even without the weird light, your garden look stunning! I am very jealous of all that colour and interest in March! You have a lovely design. I also love the ‘Emperor’ tulips. And your euphorbia.

  8. Oh that sounds and looks rather magical Christina. Any signs of a rainbow? I enjoyed ‘Gardener’s World’ on Friday especially Carol Klein’s visit to the winter garden at Bodnant.

  9. Gorgeous photos and wonderful light! Loved your last photo in particular- the Emperor Tulips, euphorbia and grape hyacinth are a beautiful colour combination!

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