In a vase on Monday – Flags and Princes

There are now some tulips flowering in the garden, as I shared with you yesterday.  This seems very early but I was expecting that they would flower early due to the cold temperatures in November and December.  Last weeks vase of Purple Prince tulips have lasted wonderfully well and are if anything looking better now than they did last Monday.

Last week’s In a vase on Monday – Tulip Purple Prince

As ‘Purple Prince’ opened it revealed a delicious perfume; this is a good reason for ordering more for next year – yes I’m sorry but I am already thinking about which autumn planting bulbs I will order for next years flowers.

Tulip Purple Prince

Despite there being more cold weather than warm some plants are flowering in their usual time-frame; these are likely to have levels or hours of daylight as their trigger for flowering.  Viburnum burkwoodii comes into this category.  I love the perfume of this shrub and couldn’t resist picking a few of the first stems to open so I could enjoy the perfume in the kitchen.

Viburnum burkwoodii

Viburnum burkwoodii

There were a few more T. ‘Purple Prince’ and just 3 from a pack of T. ‘Flaming Flag’; the colours tone beautifully together so again I may be looking for ‘Flaming Flag’ next year.

Tulip Purple Prince and T. Flaming Flag

Tulip Flaming Flag

Do visit Cathy to see what she has salvaged from her snowy garden.  Do you have something you’d like to pick and share with us for this extremely addictive meme.  Thanks Cathy for hosting.

51 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Flags and Princes

  1. You are right about the viburnam, mine is still in rosy bud, but seems undeterred by scarey temperatures.I love the gentle combination of those tulips. Flaming Flag is not one I know, but beautiful.

  2. I do like that Flaming Flag tulip Christina. And those two pair up so well too. I have never noticed any of my tulips being scented – an added bonus! 🙂

  3. I have a couple of varieties of fragrant Tulips. They are gorgeous flowers but fragrance really makes them so much more delightful. And yes, I am thinking of what bulbs to order. This really is the best time to notice the flowers and make those decisions.

  4. Purple Prince and Flaming Flag look fabulous together! Oh, the fragrance of Viburnum burkwoodii will bring you joy all week. Despite the cold outdoors, spring has arrived beautifully inside!

  5. I had all but forgotten tulips lasted so long in a vase – and perfumed too, what more could we want? These are both delightful tulips, in a proper purple shade too, and will definitely be going on lots of people’s bulb lists for next year. Thanks for sharing them with us in the meantime

  6. I love the purple tulips, both the solid color ones and the striped variety. Your garden is a main source of my tulip envy during this time of year, Christina!

  7. Those purple tulips really are lovely right down to their centers and I love the the variegated ones too. And it’s a bonus when a flower gives me a wonderful scent. I also start looking at my garden needs already. For me it is seeds… I start to make lists when I first start planting seeds indoors seeing what I am using up and what I want to look for next year.

  8. Oh perfume is a real bonus Christina and the two tulips together make for a perfect match. I’ve already started to think of autumn bulb orders too especially daffodils and irises but I’ve one tulip on the list too.

  9. More lovely tulips and how well they go together. And how amazing you have Viburnum burkwoodii in bloom. The scent always reminds me of old fashioned furniture polish but I love it.

  10. I am trying to remember that Viburnum! Looks wonderfully graceful in its vase. The tulips were a seriously happy garden event, looking great together and fragrant. I would buy more! I am thinking about what to plant in the fall already too.

  11. Christina the “Purple Prince” Tulips of last week are now more beautiful open and are also perfumed. The beautiful flowers of the Viburnum burkwoodii I like very much in the vase of your perfumed kitchen. The square and tall vase of glass I love for the divine Tulips “Purple Prince” and “Flaming Fag”: the colors are wonderful and combine very well with each other. The arrangement is magnificent, beautiful. I’m glad that despite the cold some plants in the garden have started to bloom and grow. Here in Spain with snow until Thursday included and very cold. Today begins the Spring: in Spain in Equinocio is 17:15 hours. Spring with snow! I hope that you, Christina, have no more snow, no icy wind, no cold and good weather and a real Spring. Greetings from Margarita.

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