In a vase on Monday – Feels like spring

Monday gives us all the change to experiment with our flower arranging skills and to participate in Cathy at Rambling in the Garden‘s challenge to find flowers from our own gardens to pick and plonk or arrange in a vase.  After a week when each day was windier and colder than the last, today is warm, sunny and definitely more spring-like than it has been.

Although I have complained (justifiably) each week about the quality of bulbs that I bought last autumn, there have been tulips to pick each week since the end of January.  Today’s tulips are the last of the chilled and forced bulbs and the timing is just right as the tulips in the garden are just beginning to flower now, although I will be less keen to pick them.

Photinia, Viburnum burkwoodii, Tulip Yokohama

Tulip Yokohama

Viburnum burkwoodii, Tulip Yokohama

During the week that we had snow here my husband was away in Japan.  He asked me what I would like him to bring back with him and of course I immediately thought of an Ikebana vase!!!

He was taken by his business colleagues to an Ikebana school where he chose two vases for me plus a multi-pinned flower holder.  this is the first time I’ve tried using the vase.

Narcissus Thalia

The vase is on a low foot, not very visible in my photograph.  This isn’t a true Ikebana arrangement; I just filled the pins with Narcissus Thalia which are just beginning to flower in my garden.

Do visit Cathy to see what she and others have found to pick in their gardens today.

I hope you all have a lovely spring-like week.

47 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Feels like spring

  1. Love your new vase from Japan. R. chose well! Glad your Thalia opened in time for you to include them today. The white tulips are gorgeous too. Have fun with your new vases Christina!

  2. Both arrangements a very lovely Christina: one loose and flowing and the other more formal and very elegant.

  3. How wonderful to get the Ikebana vases and flower holder….a perfect present. And I love what you have arranged….those beautiful long stems of Narcissus Thalia look wonderful in the vase. I have enjoyed all the tulips you have had since I have none, but understand about being frustrated with the quality of the bulbs not meeting your expectations. This last grouping is lovely with their cream color. Perfect with the Photinia and Viburnum burkwoodii.

    Glad to hear you have warmed up…we are in for a short warming to help melt more of our snow. But the week after Easter they are calling for another cold snap with snow….Yikes!

  4. Christina, I’m glad you have good weather today. Yokohama Tulips are beautiful and with the flowers of Viburnum burkwoodii and Photinia are wonderful. It is a magnificent vase. What beautiful gifts your husband from Japan has brought you; yes, ordered by you. The Ikebana vase I love with the tall and pretty Thalia Daffodils. It is a divine vase. Here in Spain they also forecast a new wave of cold and snow for the weekend. While today it is not raining and the sun is shining, but from tomorrow it will rain again. I hope with all my heart that you have finally reached Spring in temperatures, but not as much as 30 Centigrades: that’s for Summer. Enjoy your wonderful Christina garden today. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • We had lots of rain last week too; the weather is so strange now. So hot last summer and then a very cold winter that doesn’t want to end. What have we done to our poor dear planet!

      • Christina, I think we have done a lot of damage to Mother Nature and now she is taking us for all the evil. Climate Change is the first of them. Christina, all gardeners can do a lot by not using insecticides or chemicals in our gardens; doing ecological remedies to end the plagues and using compost made in our garden to fertilize plants or vermicompost worm or humus that we do too. I am sorry for letting myself be carried away by my ecological garden ideas. But it’s true Christina, it’s Climate Change. 🙂 Greetings from Margarita.

  5. Oh you lucky thing, Christina – and you must be so pleased to have thought of asking for an ikebana vase. How wonderful – your narcissi look perfect in them. Your main vase, however, is wonderful and so well co-ordinated – the viburnum and photinia are a perfect match for the tulips. Thanks so much for sharing it with us

  6. The vases look so pretty and will keep inspiring you, no doubt. How thoughtful of your husband 🙂 Both arrangements are delightful and elegant. Glad, you’re enjoying spring-like weather. We had great weather in Imperia at the w-e and on the way home but back now to cool and wet weather here, alas, it cannot continue like this, I hope. Have a good week!

  7. Your husband is so wonderful to bring you home gifts like that! Both arrangements are beautiful but I’m in love with the first one. The color of the Photinia leaves makes a nice foil for the white tulips and the Viburnum provides just the right color echo.

  8. Both beautiful arrangements Christina and your new vase must have been a most welcome present. Your husband did well. Funnily enough one of my nieces and her boyfriend are on holiday in Japan at the moment from where I’ve been the recipient of one or two blossom photos.

  9. The tulips and N. ‘Thalia’ are almost the same shade of cream when they are new. One of my favorites. Your arrangement feels lush and bountiful in your nifty, new vase.

  10. Each comment is worth reading, and your replies too. I did not realise that the sap from Narcissus poisons other flowers. Which comes to my point of sending you congratulations of bringing on such magnificent blooms each week. Those Narcissi Thalia are just perfect in your new vase.

    • Thank you Noelle you are very kind. The cut flowers give me (and I hope everyone) so much pleasure. Especially as my garden has 2 dormant seasons – winter obviously but also summer when very many plants hibernate from the heat and drought.

  11. Wonderful, the both of them and you must go to Japan and see the gardens – the concept of space is fascinating. I think I like the tulips for their lush grace – is that Photinia fraserii in there? Red tip Photinia? The Narcissi are perfect in the Ikebana and how nice to have a proper vase from Japan.

  12. I really like the tulip Yokohama, it looks so fresh in the vase, curving amongst the foliage. Here I am impatient to see my new tulips, still tentatively in tight buds. Thalia too – a really good narcissus. Glad R enjoyed Japan.

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