In a vase on Mon……..

OK, I know it is Tuesday today but Cathy at Rambling in the garden is usually very tolerant of late-comers!

Yesterday was Pasquetta (Easter Monday or directly translated Little Easter), the day when friends get together – maybe for a picnic and then take a walk in the countryside.  This year I was the the hostess and fourteen of us enjoyed the day together.  As all things Italian food was the main event of the day and I cooked pizza.  Everyone contributed to the antipasti so of course we all ate more than was strictly necessary.  This is my excuse for being late with my post.  I did have some flowers but no time to write about them.

Actually I have been rather lazy this week as both my vases are repeats of last weeks vases which lasted very well.  The Ikabana Thalia are still in the kitchen and I only emptied the vase of white tulips this morning.

In a vase on Monday

Sorry the image is a little dark, it was much brighter outside than I thought.

Various orange tulips from around the garden

Most of the tulips flowering at the moment in the garden (and a lot opened over the weekend) are ones that were planted out after being in pots for cut flowers last year.   They were spread around where I found space so I don’t really know which are where.  Most of those I picked I think are Brown Sugar.  In the vase I again have Viburnum burkwoodii and Photinia.  The tulips seem a little short in comparison to the height of the foliage but I expect the tulips to grow and then there will be a better balance.  That happened to the white tulips last week.

Narcissus Thalia in the second vase my husband brought me back from Japan

From this image the vase looks the same as the one I used last week but this is a semi circle and so fits well on a narrow shelf and when I want the vase to be flat against the wall.

I also want to give you a quick glimpse of the new project!

 We have covered part of the terrace that faces north east.  We haven’t really made the most of this space so we have now enclosed it creating a flower-room which you can see above.  The rest I’ll show you later in the week.

If you haven’t yet visited Cathy, do try to see wonderful images of where her mother lives, and a vase of course!!!

42 thoughts on “In a vase on Mon……..

  1. Yum, your pizza sounds delicious. I love the color of the tulips—funny how they continue to grow in the vase. And beautiful Thalia. Hope you’ll enjoy the flower workspace. Looks great.

    • Tulips always surprise me by just how much they grow after they’ve been cut. Last week’s white ones must have grown at least 2 inches, maybe 3! I’m really looking forward to using the new space.

  2. I know I should be remarking how lovely the tulips are, but the semicircular vase and the new flower room have distracted me! Love that use of semi-outdoor space! It really makes sense to have a big sink and workspace where you have all your vases to hand. Brilliant! And yes, the flowers really are lovely too Christina! 😉

    • I’m so pleased that Thalia returned so well for a second year, I suppose it might not if the winter isn’t as cold next year- one positive! The old stone sink was inside the house when we bought it; not very practical there but ideal outside.

    • Pasquetta is always fun, even though often the weather is bad. Yesterday it was sunny but there was a cold breeze so walking was good but you wouldn’t have wanted to sit and eat outside! Easter Sunday is usually for close family here in Italy.

  3. Proprio ieri mi ero chiesta se avresti mai usato la Photinia con i germogli rossi per una composizione… mentre non ho osservato bene il meraviglioso vaso giapponese! La pizza con il suo impasto soffice era specialeee!!!

    • Sono contenta che tu sei piaciuta la pizza. Sì mi piaciono quando i fiori della Photinia sono chiusi , appreso di meno i fiori perché non mi piace il prufumo.

  4. Beautiful vases! I love the idea of Pasquetta—I wish people did that here. I had a tulip grow in a vase a few weeks ago, and I thought I was losing my mind. Glad to know that’s something tulips tend to do.

  5. Christina I hope you have had a great time with your friends. Your vase is magnificent. The orange Tulips I love as they are with the white flower of the Viburnum burkwoodii and the foliage of the Photinia. Its beautiful. The Ikebana with white Thalia daffodils in divine, I love it. Congratulations for your Room of Flowers: it’s fantastic. It has a large sink, room for vases and natural light thanks to the glass wall. It’s a wonderful place Christina, I’m very happy for you. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. I love those ‘Brown Sugar’ tulips, which I remember from last year’s posts. Your vases are wonderful and I’m envious of your new flower-room. Had we the space, I’m sure my husband would be happy with one of those if just to get my flower arranging out of the kitchen.

  7. A flower room – sounds like something from Jane Austen. I used to love doing flowers in our Porterville laundry. A wide counter and a tap – all good. I need more space than you to store vases.

    Hope your Bulbine does return from the roots. They are almost indestructible!

    • Our icy weather has damaged lots of plants I thought indestructible Diana. Hopefully the new space will mean all the flower arranging things can be kept more easily together.

  8. I love that brown sugar tulip. I didn’t know about it until Ali wrote about it in glowing terms. I can’t find it anywhere online here. I think your flower room looks amazing!

    • I’ve been enthusing about Brown Sugar for several years now and I know a lot of bloggers have tried and loved them after seeing them here. They return well each year too.

  9. How beautiful! And I bet the scent is amazing. My viburnum is just in bud and the tulips are only just poking through the waterlogged ground. My veg plot is flooded again. I’m trying to potter about in the poly tunnel and greenhouse, but I’m very behind with the garden. There’s no internet again so I’ve posted my IAVOM on instagram which bizarrely allows me to post photos even when there’s a slow signal. Looking forward to seeing more about your new project. All the best. Karen

  10. I think I want to move to Italy, only if you include your flower room. I love it, what a great idea. I have similar bits of storage but not in one place. I am certain the olive oil would make it worthwhile for me, anyway. I remember Brown Sugar from last year and the arrangement is lovely.

  11. Beautiful bouquet that shouts spring with the flowering branches and tulips. Your flower room will make your work much more pleasant with all that elbow room. I esp. love the old stone sink.

  12. How exciting to have a dedicated flower room – what a practical idea and such a good way to utilise an otherwise underutilised part of the garden and I look forward to seeing the rest of it 😀 Brown Sugar and Thalia are real stars – now that I know BS are good keepers I will add them to my bulb order again, along with more Thalia which were already on the list. Your lunch sounds a real success and must have been such fun

  13. Hi Christina, and it’s Sunday before I get to you – hope you’re equally tolerant towards myself for visiting so late. Had a terribly busy week, flat out in front of the fire now ( yes, fire, it’s chilly and raining). Your day out sounds fun and like in France food is of such importance. Your vase looks so pretty and glamerous and the new project sounds exciting. Looking forward to hearing more about it. So glad you’re feeling better too 🌷🐝

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