In a vase on Monday – Suddenly it’s summer!

I have been away from the garden; first to go bird.watching on an island off the coast between Rome and Naples where migrating birds stop to feed after their long flights from Africa.  Then with only two days at home between, I went to Amsterdam for 4 days to see the tulips!  After just those few days away the garden looks like I’ve been away a month!  After all the spring rain the weather changed completely just as we left home the first time so with temperatures way up in the 20’s° C EVERYTHING has grown!

So this week’s vase is very different from all the previous vases this year.  Rich and exuberant is how I thinks it looks; but the colours are classic White and Blue – my favourites for a vase.

In a vase on Monday – White and Blue

Scented white bearded Iris

Almost all the bearded Irises are now flowering, following so closely after the tulips which have now finished due to the high temperatures.

Allium Purple Sensation

All the Alliums planted in the garden have appreciated the wet spring, some are flowering that I haven’t seen for several years, which is interesting to think of them being in the ground dormant until conditions are just right!

Deep blue Larkspur

The Larkspur and the Salvia horninum are plants that have self seeded!  I haven’t actually got around to sowing my Salvia seeds yet this year; I will do so within the next couple of weeks for some later flowers.

Dutch Irises

Also in the vase are the first stems of autumn sown Ami majus.

As you can imagine there is a huge amount I need to plant in the garden this week; I’ll try to show you the garden now and perhaps manage to write a little about all the wonderful tulips I saw at Keukenhof.

Do visit Cathy to see what she has found for her vase today.

48 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Suddenly it’s summer!

  1. It’s great to see your exuberant blooms. Your irises are ahead of mine–still many here that haven’t opened yet, but warmer weather this week will hurry everything along I’m sure.
    Interesting about the allium’s patience. Will look forward to details of your travels.

  2. A beautiful white and blue vase, Christina, loving your irises. I am growing larkspur and Ammi Majus from seed this year, but only sowed at the beginning of March, so they are still tiny. Can only dream of an Italian summer in cold, wet Blighty today.

  3. You have a beautiful bearded iris, and the larkspur is a gorgeous colour – I think of it as purple more than blue, or maybe somewhere between the two. In Morocco earlier this month we saw both white and purple iris growing in orchards of cherry and pear trees in the Atlas Mountains – the combination of colours was winning in an area of outstanding beauty.

  4. Oh my goodness, just beautiful!! I love that airy, tall, wafty feel! I got some lucky larkspur last year too, that had seeded itself. Am hoping the same will happen this year.

    • I have very little luck growing Larkspur from seed but it grows like a weed from the fallen seed. The plants weren’t touched by our freezing winter weather, while other ‘stronger’ plants died or died back.

  5. Oh wow, definitely a different slant to your vase today Christina – abundant and yet delicate with all those finer stems and less denity of colour after the solid and chunky tulips and daffodils and other bulbs.You must have been so excited to see all the changes when you came back from Amsterdam although now you have lots of planting to – even more exciting times ahead! I neglected my autumn sown larkspur and although I have done a belated second sowing sadly I might have to do without it this year

  6. Your time away sounds wonderful. We vacationed off the coast of Naples several years ago and loved it. And I have always wanted to go to Holland to see the tulips…maybe one day. Seeing your airy summery vase was a treat as spring has once again turned cold with some snow….so my garden is weeks behind. Well eventually I will see more blooms. Enjoy your week!

    • I’m sorry it is still so cold and miserable with you Donna. I prefer it when we have a longer spring but I knew that the temperatures would jump from winter to summer and that’s just what they did. We do have more rain forecast this week but today was good for me to get lots of things planted in the vegetable garden

  7. Oh my, summer seems to have arrived in your garden judging by the beautiful contents of your vase! Looking forward to your tulip posts and glad you had a good time traveling.

  8. I love blue and white, too. And Larkspur and Iris and all of the flowers. Isn’t it wonderful to see flowers, especially after a blooming break. The Bromeliad in my vase today last flowered five years ago!

    • The Allium has been in the ground for about 10 years so if you have the right conditions it is well worth growing. Mine don’t flower every year if spring is very dry which it was for the last two years.

  9. How wonderful, it really is summer in your garden now. What a joy to come home to. Your gorgeous arrangement would make a fabulous painting.
    It sounds as if you have been having a wonderful time, both your trips really appeal to me. I’d like to read more about the tulips.

  10. How wonderful to come home to a garden explosion AND good weather, Christina! Your vase is gorgeous and has me wondering whatever happened to the white bearded Iris ‘Frequent Flyer’ I planted years ago. The Iris have been very reluctant bloomers and, more often, complete no-shows here the last several years, although some on the back slope surprised me this year by producing their first blooms during my tenure as gardener – maybe ‘Frequent Flyer’ will surprise me in future years as part of your garden is currently surprising you.

    • My Irises are definitely much more floriferous this year after our spring rain this year. The garden really had changed so much; it was difficult to believe that I was only away for a few days.

  11. Christina will have been wonderful to come home and find a magnificent temperature and the garden grown and full of flowers! The vase is magnificent and beautiful, with two colors only, blue and white. The perfumed white bearded iris is divine. The Allium Purple Sensation I love it and it has come out this year. The color of Larkspur and Salvia horninum is beautiful. The Dutch Iris I love. And the Ami majus is beautiful. It is a magnificent, divine bouquet. You have to tell us please about the tulips you have seen and if you have taken a picture, I beg you to publish it to see it. Now rest and take care. Have a nice week. Greetings from Margarita.

      • Christina thank you very much for posting the photos. I imagine you would fill more than one memory card by taking pictures of the tulips. I would have done the same, make hundreds of photos. Thanks again. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  12. That is such a pretty arrangement Christina! Looks very summery too. Your rainy spring has produced some lovely flowers. We need some rain now – haven’t had more than a 10 minute shower for three weeks and it has been hot and windy!

  13. Oh summer is definitely icumen in for you and your vases Christina. Intriguing to read about your resting alliums. Your trips must have been most enjoyable. Would love to hear more about the tulip fest at Keukenhof.

  14. Blue and white is such a wonderful combination for a vase full. How interesting that some of your alliums have appeared this year thanks to a wetter winter, I would have assumed that they had previously rotted or been eaten, so great news. I look forward to hearing about Keukonhof Christina, did you enjoy it?

  15. Beautiful, as always! Blue and white is one of my favorite combinations. We have had a cool, wet spring, but with the arrival of May comes the realization that summer’s heat and humidity will be here soon. I don’t want spring to go!

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