A walk around the garden May 2018 – Iris paradise.

As I mentioned in my post on Monday; on my return from Amsterdam to see the tulips my own garden had exploded into full growth mode.

When I left tulips were still looking amazing and there were buds forming on the bearded Iris.  Now all the tulips are just a memory and the Irises are in their full glory.

As you may imagine I have taken far too many photographs to put in one post so we’ll just walk around part of the garden and I’ll post again tomorrow.

So beginning as you walk along the path that leads from the west-facing terrace and winds between the Large Island the the Upper slope Path.

Rounding the bend in the path you glimpse the first of the Irises, leaning out from the Arbutus which is growing to push them out of the bed

Next the perfume from these white Irises draws you to explore

A white Cistus (grown from a cutting is smothered in white flowers with yellow centres

Looking back along the path from the other direction

To the right in the Upper Slope Path bed Dutch Irises are also giving of their best

Further along on the right rich purple gives way to contrasting yellow

The Cotinus obviously loved the cold winter and wet spring, it has NEVER had so many flowers before. I really does look like smoke!  Iris Rustic Jewel works perfectly with the Cotinus

Cotinus in the Large Island

Looking back along the path concentrating on the upper Slope Path bed

Looking back at the Large Island

The Large Cistus in the mid-ground is mostly dead.  I will take as many cuttings from it as possible and them sadly I think it will have to come out.

Form and structure is, even now, the most noticeable thing in the garden, with colour from Alliums which are reappearing this year again because they enjoyed the wet spring.

Moving to the woodland walk, it is beginning to look as I imagines it would!  Lush and green and shady.

Woodland path looking West

Woodland path looking East

All lush and green!

It was too dry for the Solomon’s Seal last year but they loved the spring rain and are flowering prolifically

Is your garden suddenly bursting with life?

40 thoughts on “A walk around the garden May 2018 – Iris paradise.

  1. Indeed my garden is finally blooming as May has begun with rain and temps of 80s and 90…very unusual but will change back to cooler temps that are normal this weekend. I love seeing all your iris in bloom as they are a particular favorite of mine in spring! And my native Solomon’s Seal seems happy there as well.

    • I’m so glad you have some good weather at last. It is so frustrating when from cold it suddenly becomes too hot. It was like that here while we were away but is great now with showers – perfect for the garden.

  2. Bursting with life in New Cairo? Dear me, no… we are enveloped in a dust haze, with temperatures very high (approaching 40C) and occasionally a drop or two of rain. The plants are starting to flake out, and so are we. The spring garden feels like a distant memory, just ten days after we were assailed by high winds and downpours! Yours looks wonderful, a real joy – the irises fit so well with the many-shaded greenery all around.

    • Thank you Silvia; I’m sorry your weather is so frustrating. We had high temperatures while we were away but they are nicely spring-like at the moment.

    • Sì, per questo ho dicevo di venire anche coi aluni che hanno visto 2 settimane fa. Specialemente la senora che voule fare un giardino.. Cosi si vedono come un giardino si sviluppo in tempo.

  3. Your iris are really stunning, they must have been a joy to return to. I’m amazed at your cotinus, the leaves are only just appearing on mine and are very tiny at the moment, it will be a long time before we see any flowers! The rest of the garden is flowering on all cylinders, lovely blooms everywhere.

  4. What a beautiful walk around your garden! Wonderful to have a garden with meandering paths, and shady sitting spots. And I’m suffering iris envy! One of my favourite flowers and yours are looking splendid.

  5. The Irises are fabulous! I tried growing Cotinus from seed this year. One germinated and has a tiny shoot appearing between the two seed leaves. I wonder how long it will take to look like yours?! I won’t be holding my breath.

  6. It looks wonderful, I don’t recall ever seeing your garden looking so lush and full before! The woodland walk is such a different area, it’s really become shady and green and welcoming. What a great time of year!

  7. Swooning here over your irises! The rains certainly nourished the plantings. Perfectly placed seating–I’d love to sit next to you in that little corner enjoying your garden.

  8. Those irises are beautiful. I love the scent too. Hot sunshine here and happy gardeners. Blossom trees, cherries,crab and cooking apples, even a pear , all heavy with flower.

    • The crab apple blossom is long gone here; it flowered before we went to Ventotene and because of the heat was already over when we returned. Not so warm here with showers and grey skies.

  9. Your garden is looking fabulous Christina. I love your gorgeous irises. Yes, the garden is going mad at the moment, it is hard to keep up with it all.

  10. Christina the walk through your garden has been fantastic. The Iris I love and fill the garden with life and color. The Cotinus had never seen him bloom so beautifully and be so big. The forest area is very green and those chairs or bench in the background make you want to sit on them. Everything is beautiful, wonderful. It is a magnificent garden. Greetings from Margarita.

  11. Whatever I personally think about irises I can’t deny that the large groups of them in your garden look wonderful 🙂 And it’s so good to see all these areas of your garden agan – I especially love the woodland path which has worked very well. Well done for the planning and execution!

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