In a vase on Monday – A spring basket

Monday brings the opportunity to share our flower arranging passions with other like-minded gardeners on Cathy at Rambling in the Garden‘s popular meme.

Last week’s flowers lasted well, partly because the temperatures have been lower this week; consistently below 20°C; the garden has also benefited from  from warm but not hot temperatures and showers every day . I can almost watch growth taking place.  I have therefore reused some material from last week and I’ve kept to a similar airy spring-like lushness but this time I used a basket with a vase inside to hold water to display the flowers.

In a vase (basket) on Monday

The basket is one I used to use when collecting mushrooms; the overall height of the arrangement is 87 cm by 90 cm wide.

Ami majus, Sweet rocket and Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’

Salvia and Alliums

The Allium in the foreground is A christophii.  I found it growing horizontally so decided it would be more useful in the basket than in the ground.  I think it is growing from a bulb that was moved with soil when the garden was redesigned but it has only flowered this year thanks to the abundant spring rain.


All the Larkspur a tall and full of bud I was hoping to pick most of them today but they need another couple of days before the buds will open – next week?

Iris Jane Philips

Such a beautiful blue Iris and one that has been in the garden since the first year.

Last week I found an Iris leaning dangerously (for it) over the drive.  I decided to pick it and add just some simple foliage of Nandino and Cotinus.

Iris Kent Pride, Cotinus and foliage from Nandino

With thanks as ever to Cathy for hosting.  Do visit to see her and other vases this week.

Last week I didn’t manage to look at as many of the posts as I would have liked.  Too much to do in the garden and too little time.  I hope that this week will be a little calmer!

38 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – A spring basket

  1. Lovely soft blues. Am so looking forward to the larkspur and irises here. I love your glimpse into what will be out soon here. You arrange your flowers so beautifully.

    • You are very kind Ali. I do enjoy having cut flowers in the house especially in the summer months when the main garden is very dry and lacking in colour.

    • It is nice to have a bit of froth after the solid colours of all the spring bulbs.. I don’t like cutting the bearded Iris but this year there are so many!

  2. Two beautiful arrangements,Christina, but I especially like the iris/nandina/cotinus one. It’s very elegant.

  3. Oh my, the abundance of May blooms is evident in your gorgeous basket arrangement! It’s a wonderful time of year and you’ve captured it’s exuberance beautifully.

    • Exuberant yes. But spring is bringing it’s own surprises – hail and thunderstorms all this week and if today’s was anything to go by pretty scary!

  4. Christina your basket is spectacular and very beautiful. It has all the most beautiful flowers in your garden. I love the blue Iris Jane Philips. I like the Ami majus, the Larkspur, the Salvia, the Sweet Rocket, Alliums. I like all the flowers in your basket, which is a treasure. The other vase I love your Iris Kent Pride, Cotinus and Nandino foliage. I like it a lot as it conforms everything. Take Care Greetings from Margarita.

      • Last year the roses were sick and the roses that were left, because I began to be wrong with my right leg and I could not plant anything. My leg has gotten worse this winter and it has joined the hip and now I can not do anything in the garden. I bought seeds of cut flowers, but we came on April 23, too late, because my father had an infection in the bronchi and he was very weak and had to recover. I have planted the three Dahlias in three pots and buds have come out. Now you see them growing faster. They are very small, but here it is very cold at night, 3º Centigrades and in the morning it takes to recover the temperature. So if the Dahlias prosper, I’ll do my first steps with bouquets of flowers. Greetings from Margarita.

        • I’m so sorry to hear that you are still unable to do anything in the garden. I, too, am suffering with a very painful hip but so far it doesn’t inhibit gardening but walking up stairs can be difficult.

          • Christina I feel about your painful hip and it hurts a lot to climb stairs. Good thing it lets you do gardening. Let your hip be cured soon. With my best wishes, greetings from Margarita.

  5. You can tell from the time I am writing this comment that gardening has taking precedence over IAVOM today, so it is understandable that we all have less time to visit other blogs – and e glog because we garden , not the other way round. I mightily impressed by the scale and content of your first vase today but then you gave us the double whammy of your stunning second vase – the way you have matched the colour of the iris with the foliage is brilliant!

  6. These are lovely arrangements, Christina. I.’Jane Phillips’ is such a nice shade of blue with simple lines. I. ‘Kent Pride’ is very pretty and the smattering of white on the falls adds a nice highlight. The one I have that I told you about doesn’t have white, but more bronzy gold.

  7. Using a vase inside a basket is such a simple idea and so effective, and yet I had never thought of it before! Great arrangement and lots of inspiration! 😉 Your Jane Phillips iris is a beauty. I just saw the white ‘Immortality’ one Susie used in her vase this week and can imagine them together… The second vase is so striking, looking like a painting. 🙂

    • I have four different white irises including ‘Imortality’ Cathy, they are all gorgeous and Immortality is supposed to flower again in autumn although mine rarely does because it gets too dry in summer.

  8. The blues in your basket are very calming, but they do rather look like they are exploding out of it! It’s always nice to be able to carry over and reuse things from the previous week’s arrangement. I’m surprised how short a life my vase arrangements seem to have.

    • In summer when temperatures are often in the high 30’s °C or even 40°C my vases only last a few days but they are still such a pleasure to have it is worth it. I don’t always (hardly ever) condition my flowers properly but I think they would last longer if I did.

  9. Both arrangements are beautiful, Christina. The basket is bountiful to say the least and the arrangement with ‘Kent Pride’ offers a more sultry look.

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