In a vase on Monday – more Blue and White plus a gift bouquet

Cathy at Rambling in the garden hosts the best meme in the blogosphere (well I think so anyway!) challenges us every Monday to pick flowers from our gardens and put them in a vase to enjoy in our homes.  I’m going to be out for much of Monday so I prepared my vase on Sunday.

Actually the gift bouquet was prepared on Friday for a friend’s birthday – the first time there has been enough flowers to make a gift bouquet this year.

A hand-tied bouquet for a friend


I don’t often use Phlomis in my arrangements, I’m not fond of its scent


Salvia horninum and Larkspur

For my vase there were still the same flowers available but I wanted them to look fresh in a different vase so I chose a pewter jug which was a gift from my MIL.

I hand-tied the bouquet first and then squeezed the stems into the narrow neck of the jug.  I began by photographing the jug inside the new room with the backdrop of bay hedge and prostrate rosemary, but it didn’t look great.

I tried photographing the vase first inside the new room with rosemary and bay hedging behind

Next I placed it directly in front of the prostrate rosemary, it was still a bit lost.

then outside with rosemary directly behind

After seeing Valerian growing so well in Cathy at Words and Herbs garden I decided to grow some from seed last year, I chose the white variety.  I planted it our last spring but it was rather weak last year, this year the plants are strong and I have high hopes of it seeding around.

Vareriana officinalis

Re-used Ami majus

Deliciously perfumed white Dianthus

3 different Salvias are included

In a vase on Monday

In the end the best image was taken with the vase on the mantle shelf.

I wonder what you have found for your vase today.  Do join Cathy if you can.  I’ll be adding my links later.

43 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – more Blue and White plus a gift bouquet

  1. The last photo is perfect. It sometimes amazes me the difficulty in getting a good vase picture. I like the Phlomis and am not famililar with it. Your Rosemary looks amazing, we eat a lot of it and I always have two pots around, but they pale in comparison with yours.

  2. Blue and white combinations always look great, whatever the back-drop, Christina! Your comment about the scent of the Phlomis flowers sent me into the other room to take a good sniff of my own as I’ve never noticed the scent before. I didn’t catch the scent until I got right up against the flower so your nose is clearly better than mine.

  3. Christina in the bouquet for your friend who is magnificent Phlomis are spectacular. Like the Knight’s Spur and the Salvia hornium. It is a beautiful bouquet and a wonderful gift. In the second vase, the beautiful jar of your MIL, is another magnificent and beautiful bouquet. The Valeriana officinalis, the Ami majus I love. The star is the white Dianthus, breaks everything and the look is fixed on him. It’s a beauty just like the bouquet. Have a good week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita. 🙂

  4. My favorite pictures are actually with the Bay and rosemary background! But maybe that’s just because those are two plants I would give almost anything to have in my garden, but it’s far too cold of course! Both arrangements are lovely and I’m sure your friend will be delighted! 🙂 Isn’t Valerian nice? It’s one of my favorites, and something that actually does thrive here!

  5. In the last photo the lines of the shelf and wall add a nice touch to an elegant vase, Christina. I have valerian here, but I have to watch it or it becomes a garden thug. I planted only white, but somehow I got red ones as well.

  6. I’m sure your beautiful bouquet was a hit. I like your second arrangement, full of interest, and the vase you chose is wonderful. Love that white dianthus.

  7. Is your garden room completely enclosed, Chrstina and is there glass in that window? I think I evisaged one side being completely open.Your second vase really is reminiscent of a meadow as others have said, and you clearly like the jug it is in as we have seen it a number of times 😉 Your friend will have been delighted with her hand-tied bouquet and what struck me as that you just wouldn’t get many of the elements you used in a bouquet from a high street florist. I am growing Phlomis tuberosa (it’s pink and was bought as a plant) and really hoping it will flower this year

  8. My Phlomis is just about to come into flower and I was wondering about using it in a vase – seeing your beautiful gift bouquet I think I will give it a try – not sure that I have ever knowingly smelt it.

    • Polo is lasts well in a vase and just the stems without the petals are interesting. It dries well so I do often use it in that form and sometimes sprayed for Christmas decorations.

  9. Such a gorgeous arrangement. What a lovely gift for your friend. I know what you mean about the smell of phlomis. The foliage has a strong smell and I think it must be hairy, when I prune it, it makes me cough.

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