In a vase on Monday – First Dahlia!

I have been watching one of the new Dahlia plants; it had buds – never have I had a dahlia flower so early!  Would they be open in time to cut for my Monday vase, the popular meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the garden? What would I put with them?

To be honest I was so intent on checking the Dahlias that I passed by many other options for my vase today; I think there will be other vases this week!

In a vase on Monday

You may remember last year I complained about how the dark Dahlias sucked in all the light and almost disappeared in my arrangements.  Dig with Doris recommended using acid green – and it works; it would be even more zingy with some orange, but there’s plenty of time for that combination.

The centre marking on the Dianthus picks up the colour of the dark Dahlia Arabian Night

I was disappointed last year with Euphorbia ‘Golden Foam’, it was so short I found it impossible to use which was frustrating as the acid colour is a great foil for many other colours.  The plants are stronger this year and a little taller, not as tall as I would wish but maybe they will grow more.

Dahlia Arabian Night, Knautia macedonia, Dianthus, Euphorbia Golden Foam, Lychnis coronaria

Dahlia Arabian Night was purchased this year (I think I may well already have one) and decided to plant the tuber in soil and put it under the staging in the greenhouse.  Despite the cold winter, shoots appeared quite quickly and the plant grew on well.  I put it in the cold frame to harden off and as it was too tall when I wanted to close the top, I pinched out the tall growing stem, this has had a great result in that the plant is particularly bushy and already has many stems with buds.  The Dahlias that remained in the ground over winter are all through and growing on well despite the minus 12°C temperatures for more than a week!

This vase makes me feel, summer is on the way, even though I’m still wearing a fleece for some of the day, when the sun is shining it is very warm.  Thanks to Cathy our hostess, do try to visit to see what everyone has found this week.

55 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – First Dahlia!

  1. You’ve certainly mastered the art…of growing the first dahlia to be posted from North of the Equator on IAVOM…and finding material to balance out the dark of the dahlia.

    • I wasn’t trying for an early Dahlia; last year when I waited to plant the tubers they dried out quite a bit so I thought it was a better way of getting a good plant, I didn’t expect it to flower so soon.

  2. Gosh,a dahlia! Mine outside are still tiny plants. Some have succumbed to the very cold wet winter, but the dark Twinings After Eight keeps going. Yours works very well with that acid green. I love Arabian Night.

  3. Beautiful arrangement and amazing to have Dahlias already! I love the way the Dianthus picks up the deeper color. I think many of us are about to have enough blooming in the garden to have a houseful of flowers right about now. I know I am.

  4. I LOVE that dahlia! Such a rich, dark color, and it stands out nicely against the foliage. Beautiful arrangement! 🙂 I’m trying to grow some from seed this year…we’ll see how it goes!

  5. A dahlia bloom is a sure sign that summer is very near! The combination of the dark dahlia and acid green is fabulous! Beautiful arrangement.

  6. Oh that is exciting to have your first dahlia of the year, Christina – and I know I would have been the same, just focussing on the opening bud to the exclusion of anything else! One of the rooted cuttings I bought this year has a bud but the plant is still small so I am wondering whether to pinch it off to encourage the plant to branch out more. The dark scabious echoes the colour of yours perfectly and lime green foliage definitely seems to be the way to go ps it must have been a year ago today that we met up!!

    • Yes, you’re right, we met on the Monday before Chelsea. As you’ve guessed I’m not coming to Chelsea this year which is a shame as from what I’ve seen already I think it’s going to be very good. i’m coming over for Hampton Court this year and taking my grandson who is very interested in gardens.

  7. Dahlias already! One of the local bloggers here photographed her first dahlia as part of her Bloom Day post and I was equally shocked (and a little dismayed as the first of mine have just began sporting foliage). The chartreuse foliage is just perfect to spotlight the glorious deep color of the dahlia, Christina. Well done.

  8. Christina congratulations for your first Dahlia of the year so early! I love its velvety dark color of your Dahlia Arabian Night and its shape. It looks divine with all the lime green flowers. The one I like the most is the Euphorbia “Golden Foam” and the Dianthus. It is a magnificent vase. My three Dahlias planted each in a pot and measure almost 40 cm, but one of them has spiked a lot and is a very thin stem that does not stay erect, is fallen. It measures much more than 45 cm and has 4 true leaves. It has been raised like the others inside the country house next to the heat, although already in the last 10 days already spent hours with less heat. Christina What can I do to stop spiking and recover strength in the stem? Now I have put a stick and tied it with rope. I have already taken them to the garden for two days and my intention is to leave them all day in the garden and at night for the moment in the woodshed that is cold. But we are with storms and hail, and today I have only been able to take them 3 hours. Forgive and excuse me for all that I have explained to you about my Dahlias. I come to you, Christina because you know a lot about gardening and I trust you. If you can please, you can help me, I would really appreciate it. 🙂 Thank you very much for everything. You already know that I consider you a good friend. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • I’m very happy to try to help you. You need to pinch out the growing stem down to a pair of leaves. The plant will soon become bushy. You are doing the right thing by putting the dahlias outside during the day. Soon you will be able to leave them outside all day.

      • Christina thank you very much for your help. You are very good to me. But the weather does not accompany. Yesterday and today storms with hail and so on all week. And from Friday comes a wave of cold and rain, temperatures drop and it rains all day. Until Friday, can I let them get wet with the rain of the storms? We are about 15º Centigrades. I think that better than not because they are still very tender. It is best to put them in the woodshed with the window open on a bench where there are more indoor plants that are waiting for good weather, which does not arrive, in the garden. They have a lot of luminosity, direct sun never, humid and cold atmosphere at night, and if the temperatures go down it’s cold, but the Dahlias are hardening, I think. Forgive me for being so repetitive with the theme of the Dahlias, but as you have been so kind to me, I am still asking. I have pinched the first 4 leaves. My dear friend Christina, what patience do you have with me 🙂 Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

        • I think you are doing the right thing by protecting the new Dahlias. Their stems could be broken by very heavy rain and wind and they hate hail! I hope the weather changes soon for you.

  9. I love the acid green with the other colors. I tried Dahlias this winter here to no avail and planted a second set in March. Foliage but no flowers so far. I will pinch per your above instructions! Hoping for Dahlias to use in my vases, I think I will need some acid green, I do love those Euphorbias.

  10. The colour of that dahlia is quite something, isn’t it! The zingy green is a brilliant idea to allow the darkness of those petals to shine. It’s so hard finding the right setting for dark flowers, but well worth it when you hit the mark. I can’t believe yours have flowered so early. Mine are mere inches tall (not that I could ever expect a flower before July). Sigh!

  11. Wow, dahlias already! I won’t see a flower on mine until August. I just planted the last one in the ground today. Preview of coming attractions for me!
    I love your use of pink and bright green to emphasize the dark dahlia – beautiful!

  12. Lovely Kristina. Arabian Night is a winner, I love the dark red ones. Acid green is a great way of showing them off. Wonderful to have blooms already. I am going to plant mine out today, quite a job as I seem to have rather a lot this year.

  13. Dorris was right about that combination – lime green really shows off that rich dark red and the pinks lighten it up nicely. Lovely arrangement! 🙂

  14. Oh ‘Arabian Night’ is such a deliciously dark dahlia Christina. How fortunate you are to be able to pick them already. I hadn’t realised just how cold it had been with you overwinter and it’s encouraging to read that your dahlias in the ground came through ok. Do you give them any special protection? I leave mine in at the allotment where the main worry this year was the volume of rain rather than the cold but they have survived.

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