In a vase on Monday – Madonna, che bello!

On Monday Cathy of Rambling in the garden challenges us to find flowers in our own gardens to put in a vase.  This has now become such a regular part of my life that I even neglect to pick flowers for a special lunch party but do still join Cathy!!!

Today the Larkspur in the cuttings beds were all flowering and as that bed has yet to have its netting for support I knew that these would need to be cut.  I Madonna lily I picked last week, lasted well in the vase and perfumed the room for a whole week, so I decided that I would pick another for today.  The red lily beetles were certainly depleted by the cold winter as the lilies have never had so many flowers on their stems.  The title of my post “Madonna, che bello!” is an expression I hear often describing something particularly beautiful and seemed apt for today.

Larkspur, Campanular persiciflia ‘Alba’, Madonna lily, Sysyrinchium striatum

The vase in natural light outside

I cut some stems very short, to add colour and interest in the vase  itself and not just bare stems

In a vase on Monday

The vase is my large rectangular one so to give you an idea of size the arrangement is about 1 metre x 1 metre.

The lilies are already scenting the room.

Thanks to Cathy, do visit to see her vase today and links to many others around the globe.

50 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Madonna, che bello!

  1. The title is very appropriate Christina. Such a beautiful display! Will larkspur bloom all summer for you? I tried it once before from seed, unsuccessfully.

  2. What a gorgeous vase….I love the larkspur and those lilies. Here the lily beetles overwinter and seem to just come right back with nothing deterring them sadly. I plan to move them to one area and then have better luck monitoring the beetles to get rid of them.

  3. This is lovely, Christina. Great idea to extend the flowers down into the vase.
    I’m wondering if I should try raising Madonna lilies. We have the red beetles, too, though our super cold winters don’t seem to faze them. I have to check the tiger lilies daily to remove them and their horrific offspring.

  4. I love the meadow-y look of this arrangement, Christina. Seeing the flowers through the glass below the water line enhances the look nicely. I picked more larkspur myself this week and, after this year’s success with that last-minute scattering of a few seeds, I think I’ll be including larkspur in every spring cutting garden from here on.

  5. What a joy bto have such an abundant vase, and thank you for giving us an idea of the size – which means that your vase itself is much bigger than I thought t was. I really like these chunky square or rectangular vases. My old larkspur seed din’t germinate, by the way, but I bought a few seedlings from a car boot sale at the beginning of the month which are now in the cutting beds (mixed, but better than none at all)

  6. What a fabulous vase Christina with the priceless added bonus of scent. I felt something land on my head yesterday evening when I stepped outside. I fished it the offending item out of my hair and then squished as it was one of those wretched red lily beetles 😦

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  8. Wow, that size arrangement must be a wonderful sight indoors! The white lily really is lovely Christina. And I like the way you have made flowers visible underwater too, 🙂

    • They’re not actually under water, although that might work too, they’re just inside the vase which is very thick, hence the distortion that makes them seem underwater.

  9. Christina is an impressive arrangement for its beauty and its dimensions. I love the flowers you have chosen, especially the Madonna Lily that is wonderful as well as its perfume. The Larkspur is beautiful as is the Espuela de Caballero. The Campanular persicifolia “Alba” is very beautiful. It is a magnificent bouquet and the vase is beautiful: a perfect set. I love. I am very glad that the red beetles have not appeared this year: they will have frozen this winter 🙂 Good week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

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