In a vase on Monday – more of the same!

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden hosts the Monday meme where she challenges us to find and pick flowers from our own gardens to share with the world.

Two weeks ago I was thrilled when the dark dahlias began to flower at the same time that I had lime green Euphorbia to use with them; last week I had enough for another vase for myself and to give a bouquet to a friend.  The same colours but not all the same flowers are used again today.  I will have to get more inventive if this theme isn’t to become boring.

Moody dark Dahlia

Love this colour mix

Euphorbia ‘Golden Foam’ lasts ages in the vase; today I have reused the material from last week and 2 weeks ago.

Achelea millifolium

Nicotiana Lime Green

In a vase on Monday

This is the smaller rectangular vase, it measures 28 cm x 19 cm and the arrangement this week is 60 cm by 60 cm.

The vase is placed on the mantle shelf.

Do visit Cathy to see her vase this week plus many, many other from around the world.

63 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – more of the same!

  1. Love your mix of light and dark. The Nicotiana Lime Green is eye-catching and the dark red dahlia’s beautiful. You’ve created a wonderful light and airy arrangement, the elements appear to be dancing.

    • I tried to use more different heights in the vase so that it wasn’t just layers of each type of flower; maybe that gives the impression of dancing (a nice image).

  2. I’ve never been able to see the attraction with nicotiana, but now that I’ve seen your lime green one I feel differently. It’s a splendid combination with that velvety dahlia.

  3. Another gorgeous vase full from you, Christina. I love the contrast the dark moody reds create against the lime greens. My dahlias are a long way off flowering, I want them now after seeing yours.

  4. Beautifully arranged Christina. I do like those rectangular vases you have. The pale greeny white Nictiana is lovely. I bought some seed for this year but haven’t sown a thing! It was just too cold in March, then too hot in April and May when I was away from home a lot. Too late (and still too hot) now!

    • The Nicotiana plants I’m picking are from plants that self seeded; I haven’t got round to planting out the ones I grew this spring – another job that needs to be done.

  5. The dark and the lime are a classic combination. Your vase has a beautiful airy meadow feel. I’m looking forward to my lime nicotiana which are still seedlings.

      • I too have some self seeding which is a nice surprise. Last year some of the Lime Green from a packet came out pink but were very pretty so who knows what these will be.

          • I had that once and must try it again.
            In answer to your question on my post. The course I did was a two week career change course in Bath and I am now creating a Flower Farm! I had the opportunity to have a change of direction and I have grabbed it. I have mentioned it in previous posts but perhaps you missed them. The course was intense and exhausting but brilliant, and taught techniques as well as good business advice. There is a real move in the UK for local seasonal flowers. My site is Due to my late decision to start and the cold spring things are only just beginning to flower but I have hundreds of seedlings planted out and more under cover of the poly tunnel. Keeping them all watered is the thing now.

            • Wow! That’s brilliant Alison. I’ll pass your address onto two relations who are marrying this year. I’d love to do what you’re doing but no-one is interested in fresh flowers where I live! Good luck

  6. A beautiful celebration of light and dark tied together in this airy summer celebration. It’s like a meadow in a vase.

  7. These contrasting colours work so well together and we don’t mind you repeating them at all! It is SO effective and you must be enjoying the real thing so much. I am growing dwarf nicotiona this year, having never succeeded with the taller varieties – so far, so good… I visited a friend today who has a perennial nicotiana in her garden which I have not heard of before. Oh, and I have also got a batch of achillea plantlets which is something else I have never had any success with – I think they were sold as summer bedding. No sign of any buds yet. Thanks for giving us the size of your vase and overall arrangement as it really puts it in perspective

  8. I love this vase, Christina! The chartreuse flowers are the perfect foil for the dark-colored blooms. I should have gone that route myself in showing off my “black” Eustoma this week. Next time perhaps, assuming that I get any more of those dark blooms.

    • After having problems last year with the dark dahlias sucking in all the light and becoming a dark shadow in my images I am trying to grow lots of chartreuse flowers this year. I look forward to seeing your vase, a black Estoma must be quite something!

  9. Christina I love the naturalness with which you have placed the flowers: it is wonderful. The dark Dahlia I love because of its shape and its color. It is incredible that the Euphorbia “Golden Foam” is his third bouquet and it is so beautiful. The Achillea millifolium I love with its small grouped flowers. The Lime Green Nicotine with that shape of big bells did not know it but it is beautiful. The bouquet is magnificent, I love it, it’s beautiful. I like the vase very much, and it makes the bouquet look like flowers in a free state! It is very beautiful!!! Have a very good week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

      • No Christina, I can not plant the Dahlias in the garden. It is still cold at night -7º Centigrades and also with rains and storms that sometimes bring strong winds. I take them out for the day as much as possible and at night I leave them in the coldest area of the house, so they get used to it. Although they have not grown almost anything on high, their stems have become stronger. Is that this is too much: a bag of cold air comes to us one after another, until the Miss who gives the time in the news said one day “is that they never stop coming!” referring to the cold air bags that all bring rain. Thank you very much Christina for remembering my Dahlias: it’s a great detail. It shows that you are a good friend 🙂 Thanks. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  10. I love the freshness of this arrangement, and the colours are so dramatic. Slugs are currently looking greedily at my dahlia plants- the ones that have survived the cold wet winter!

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