Wordless Wednesday – Is it a giant ant?

We have ants of all sizes and abilities to give you a nasty nip; large, small, medium seeming even to nest together – they’re not supposed to do that!

Ant or bee or wasp

sorry about the quality of the image, but it actually moves very fast and I had great trouble getting any image at all.

My husband saw it first and told me he’d found a giant ant.  He sent a photo from his phone to an entomologist friend who said it was a bee and in the insect book he knows we have (thanks Bruno).

It is most similar to a Dasylabris maura, although it seems to be larger than described.  The male has wings, we’ve only seen the female which is flightless. It is said to have a nasty sting and is a parasite of sand wasps.

Do you find new (to you) insects in your garden?  Have you ever seen one of these?

17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Is it a giant ant?

  1. That’s a new one for me. Good catch! The oddest insect I’ve come across here is the so-called Jerusalem cricket, which actually isn’t from Jerusalem and isn’t even a cricket.

  2. Christina what an unpleasant bug and itchy. Fortunately I have not seen it in my garden and I hope not to see it. What I do have are stinging red ants …… Also tiger mosquitoes that the sting is hideous. You get a small blister that if you do not burst it with pus. You have to bust the blister and leave the meat in the air. They are forming skins that have to be removed because if they do not form blister. Until a normal scab comes out and it heals itself: but it leaves a mark on your skin. Sorry for telling the whole process because it’s disgusting. We have some false wasps that here call them horseflies and their sting hurts a lot. Then there are many bees, bumblebees, beetles, mosquitoes, flies, bees, ants and many more bugs. Have a very good week. 🙂 Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  3. Look at that, a new one for me!
    Last year I spotted a bumble bee which appeared to be holding a honeybee. Apparently it was a robber fly mimic which preys on smaller insects. I would have never guessed.

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